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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 4: The Moving Binder

Deme CrinionComment
What does a chronic list maker and organizer do when she gets news that her family will be moving across the country in a month's time?  She grabs her notebook.

There have been so many things to consider, so many decisions to make....selling this house and finding a new or buy...when to pull Mia from school....what school to chose on the other movers or pack ourselves...sell our furniture or take it with us....does James try to finish out this coaching season or pull back.  It's so much to think about and only a handful of those decisions can be made right now. 

My notebook is sort of crazy.  It has lists and rewritten lists, sketches and lots of randomness in between.  It's my way of getting all those thoughts racing through my brain out on paper, and in doing so it helps me to sort through it all.

I realized that in order to stay on organized and avoid crazylady in this super quick move, it would be really helpful to have a place to contain all the paperwork, contacts, and other info that has been rushing in.

A moving binder is in the works this weekend and here's what I'm thinking for my tabs.....

-Contact Info
-Current Home (all docs related to the sale of our house and prepping it for the market)
-New House Search (info on prospective neighborhoods, house listings, etc)
-School (school comparisons, admission info, etc)
-Budget worksheets (House prep, moving, selling, buying)
-Work (documents James will need for his new job)
-Moving (packing plan, mover's estimates, pre-move & post-move checklists, do not pack lists, etc)
-Pouch/folder for Receipts

This may look a little different by the time I'm done, but I have a feeling this will be my sanity over the next few weeks.  I'm cooking up some worksheets and will be sharing the printable love with all of you!  Happy weekend!

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