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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 26: The Pre-Move In Checklist With Printable

Deme CrinionComment
Since we cooked up a handy Pre-Move Out Checklist to keep track of all those uber important things that need to happen before moving day, a Pre-Move In Checklist for the other end of the move was quick to follow.

I'm not yet sure how many days we'll have between getting the keys and the delivery of our stuff.   Our priorities are to get the kids' rooms painted and address any new flooring before the movers arrive.  If possible. The good thing about the new house is that it has a finished basement we can all camp out in while we finish up some initial work.

Aside from getting the house ready for our goods to be delivered, we also need to address some important issues to make for a smooth transition to the new place.  Here's how our pre-move in list looks right now:

- Return admissions paperwork to new school

- Set up utilities

- Have the house cleaned (either ourselves or hired out)

- Replace upstairs carpet and price flooring for main level

- Inspect house for any needed repairs

- Determine furniture placement to be ready for movers

- Measure any narrow doorways 

- Set up room signs/moving key for movers (more details on this soon)

- Pick up drinks/refreshments for move-in day

- Arrange for payment/tip for movers

- If it's cold, turn on heater and warm up the house

And of course, go ahead and grab one of these for yourself too!

 (click here for free download)

(click here for free download)

Hope you all had a spooky fun and safe Halloween!

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