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"31 Days Of Moving: Day 25: The Pre-Move Out Checklist With Printable

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Not only did I get a little behind on this 31 day moving series because of, well...moving, I've also been dealing with this:
My poor lap top.  She's looking straight up ghetto minus the fab.  Sully stepped on the monitor awhile back and a couple weeks ago the right side of the monitor completely broke off.  Thankfully, it didn't affect the monitor picture, so I was still able to work.  Sort of.

I have a heavy bag behind it to prop up the monitor and keep it from falling backwards. The new parts arrived yesterday and I'm celebrating!  But not before I get us caught up on this series that was supposed to end today - oops.  Stand by for a couple of double post days!

One of the printables I created for our moving binder was a Pre-Move Out Checklist.  I have a running list of daily to-do's in my notebook, but I wanted to keep a master list of those more important items.  There's two choices, so feel free to grab one for yourself by clicking the link below the image.

(download here

(download here)

We're so fortunate to have James' company moving us, otherwise I would be a complete basket case and this list would be a whole lot longer if we were attempting this move DIY style.  We've done our fair share of those so having someone else take care of the packing and loading is huge relief for such a long move.  Here's how our list is shaping up:

- Create a moving binder

- Submit change of address with the post office (in person or online)

-Terminate utilities 

- Request copies of medical and dental records

- One last purge and drop off all donations

- Take pictures

- Refill any prescriptions

- Defrost the freezer

- Gather packing and moving supplies

- Pack suitcases and set aside "Do Not Pack" items for the trip

- Verify details with moving company

- Take both cars in for maintenance/service

- Notify important parties of our move

- Contact the bank a few days out to let them know we'll be using our debit/credit card for the move (you don't need a temporary hold on your card due to "suspicious activity" as you make purchases for gas/food/lodging in other states).

- Assemble info for the new home owners (more on this later!)

- Measure furniture to determine where it will go in the new place (you don't want to movers putting that massive dresser in the basement just to change your mind and have to lug it upstairs yourself a few days later)

- Dispose, drain, and distribute any items that can not be packed (propane tanks for the grill, perishable food items, booz, plants, nail polish and remover, etc.)  Your movers should have a complete list of "do not ship" items, but if you are DIY-ing your move, here's a good one to reference.

- Cash for tipping movers

- Set up playdate/childcare for moving day

- Patch holes and touch up paint

- Clean

We're tight on time for this move, so we're stuffing a lot of stuff into a really short timeframe.  If you have a couple months to prepare there are some great checklists broken down into a timeline (2 months out, 1 month out, etc) here, here, and here.

What are some of the big ticket items you wish you had thought of before moving day? 

*This post is part of a 31 day series on moving - find all 31 posts right here!

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