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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 24: Eat Cookies

Deme CrinionComment

This falls along the lines of make time to celebrate, but I say make time for cookies.  

We have THE best sugar cookie recipe thanks to my amazing sister-in-law (find it here).  The kids ask to make them all time.  And I usually say no.

Not because I don't love them or the cookies, but they do take some time.  Each step is pretty easy but between all the rolling, and cutting, and cooling, and frosting, it's an all day event for us.

The kids begged for Halloween cookies and I said yes.  Mom of the year, thank you.   I figured we have a limited time for making memories in this house, so why not get a little messy with our favorite holiday treat.  It helped that they brought their super-hero baking skillz to the table.

I have a post coming after this moving series with tips for making melt-in-your-mouth cake like sugar cookies that still hold their shape.  Perfect for holidays or Tuesdays.  Until then...

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