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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 23: The Do Not Pack List & Free Printable!

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This move has been a constant stream of new decisions....sell, keep, or donate? or buy?...old house or new?....public school or private?  home school?....basement or no basement? or drive?...keep the cars or sell them?

I'm either getting really good at making a quick call, or really bad at thinking things through.  Only time will tell!

Our most recent decision was to keep the cars and drive them out to Ohio.  We debated trading in our swagger wagon (read: minivan) for a 4WD vehicle, but Dayton doesn't get as much snow as the northern parts of Ohio. We'll be arriving in Dayton about the same time as winter, so we're going to feel out our first cold season and see how the cars hold up.

Which also means.....ROADTRIP!!  We plan to get on the road as soon as we close on the house here.  So, depending on when we sign papers and turn over the keys, we'll be looking at a 2-3 day trip.   We'll probably spend a couple of days in a hotel before we close on the Dayton house (right now, scheduled for 4 days after we close on our ABQ place).  And I'm sure we'll be camping out in an empty house for a few days until the movers arrive.  Soooooo, our list of things to keep with us and off the moving truck just got a bit longer.

To keep us on track, I've got another printable to add to the moving binder.  You know there's one for you too - just click the link below the image.

(To download a free copy, click here)

So far we have...

Personal Items - each person will have their own individual bag or suitcase with the following:
- Clothes - enough for the time in between homes plus a couple extra outfits just in case (don't forget the swim suits if you're staying at a hotel with a pool!). 
- Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, razors, make-up, etc.)
- Fun activities/games/books for the trip
- Snacks

Items of value and importance - even if you are just moving across town, it's always a good idea to keep the following items with you in the event of an accident or unexpected damage.
- Important Docs (social security cards, passports, birth/marriage certificates, health records, school records etc)
- Financial information (all bank and credit cards, checkbook, cash, etc)
- Laptop & any important backed up files
- Phones
- Chargers for all electronics you're carrying with you
- Medications
- Special nighttime lovies for the kids
- Pet supplies
- Anything of special meaning that you can't replace

Your Moving Binder - or something to corral all the documents and information you'll need for the new place and moving day!

*If you're going to be staying in the empty house a couple nights or just want to make sure you have the basic necessities on hand for those first few days, then you'll want to have the following items with you or labeled in a special "Open First, Pack Last!" box.  Because no one wants to go take a shower only to discover there's no shower curtain.  Not saying I know about that, just saying I imagine it would probably be awful trying to keep water from getting all over the bathroom with no shower liner.  Maybe. 

- Air mattresses, sleeping mats, cots.....if you'll be camping out.  If you have the space to pack it, do!  Moving is hard enough without a terrible night's sleep on top of it. 
- Linens/blankets
- Pillows

Bath/Shower supplies
- Bath Towels
- Shower curtain, or liner if the house doesn't have one....and hooks!
- Toilet paper
- Hand soap

Kitchen basics
- Set of plates, bowls, cups and silverware (or pick up some paper supplies while you're camping out before movers arrive)
- A pot and pan
- Cutting board and knives
- Scissors/tape/pen/paper
- Trash bags
- Paper towels
- Cleaning wipes

On moving day, be sure to set all these items aside from everything else in a clearly marked spot.  Like along a wall with nothing else and a sign that says "Do Not Pack".  If you're still afraid they might accidentally find their way onto the moving truck, throw them all into your car while the movers are there. 

So, where are all our moving pros?  What are we forgetting?  Any tips for not going crazy on moving day? Do share!

*This is part of a 31 day moving series - find all 31 posts right here!

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