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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 21: Another Bathroom Makeover & Painting Over Wallpaper

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Yesterday, I dished on our super thrifty

master bathroom makeover

.  It was Tweedle Dee in this sad pair of bathrooms screaming for attention.... 

And today, Tweedle Dum is showing off its new look.

Where painting over the wallpaper ended in a bubbly, peeling mess in the first bathroom, here it saved us from drowning in a sea of pastel starfish.

This wall paper had a lot of texture to it and was almost spongy to the touch.  I had attempted peeling a small corner at one point and it was coming off in itty-bitty pieces...almost crumbling.  I saw days of peeling in my future, and we didn't have that kind of time.  I needed to neutralize it and prayed a coat or two of paint would do the trick.  Thankfully, we tested a small area and had no peeling or bubbling!

I'm sorry I don't have any shots of this!  My phone was stolen and my in-progress pics were on there.  Boo.

I did grab this pic once we took the mirror down (more on that in a sec).  You can see the original wall color, then the first round of wallpaper from years ago, then the pastel beachy number that we painted in a fresh white (left over paint from our

master bedroom


The white paint took away the busy color palette but still allowed the sea scape design to show through. 

Once the walls weren't so in your face, we had to deal with the counter top and a broken faucet. 

We actually attempted using a countertop paint designed for laminate surfaces (gah! those dang lost pictures!) and it was awful.  I have a whole other post on that - it was a failure in here but successful on a much smaller surface in another room.

Anyhow.  I totally ruined the countertop and we had to replace it.  We opted for a prefab piece of laminate from Lowes.  It could easily be cut to size and just needed to have the holes cut to fit our sinks.  On a side note, if you ever choose this option, look over each piece of laminate really carefully.  We found that several pieces had deep scratches from being moved around.

 So, sounds easy enough, right?  Wrong.  We have an older home and these cabinets were shorter than average so the laminate is about 2 inches too deep.  The backsplash was also an inch lower than the old one, leaving a nice 1 inch gap between the top of the back splash and the start of the wall paper. 

We had grabbed some of these tiles from Lowes for another project and they ended up being a perfect solution to filling that gap, covering some dings from getting the counter top in/out, and finishing off the space.

It only took two squares of tile at $4.99 each.

We also ran into a very familiar scenario in updating other rooms in the house.  The plumbing was so old that we couldn't get a few pieces off the old sink and the new faucet parts weren't compatible with the old sink components.  So, we ended up having to get new sinks as well. 

Some leftover knobs from updating hardware in Mia's room were a modern update to the floral numbers that graced the doors before. 

I had snagged this shower curtain on sale from West Elm awhile ago and it turned out to be the perfect starting point to this room's neutral black and white makeover with a very subtle beachy/cabana vibe.

Especially considering what we had up before.  Don't judge.  We were just using what we had...

It took a little more work and a bigger budget than we anticipated, but it's definitely a decent update to a once chaotic space! 

I still get a nervous twitch when I look at the too-long counter top but eventually those cabinets will need to be replaced.  Hopefully, we've given the new home owners a functioning and more livable space in the meantime.

Budget breakdown...

8 ft laminate countertop - $108.00 (Lowes)

Side/finishing pieces - 2 @ $23.00 - $46.00 (Lowes)

Tile border - $9.98 (Lowes)

Faucets - 2 @ $25.86 - $51.72 (Lowes)

Sinks - 2 @ $38.98 - $77.96 (Lowes)

Towel basket - $7.99 (Marshall's)

Shower curtain - already owned (West Elm)

Rug - $29.99 (Marshalls)

Hurricane candle holders - 3 @ $2.99 -  $8.97 (Goodwill)

Total - $340.61

Not as great as our $56

master bathroom update

, but it's definitely got the double whamie - it now looks better


functions properly.  Peace of mind for us and the new home owners.

Has anyone else tried painting over wall paper?  Or get sucked down the DIY rabbit hole where one fix leads to five others?  

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