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31 Days of Moving Day 2: To Move or Not To Move?

Deme Crinion5 Comments

 That is the question! 

When it comes to moving, sometimes you have a choice and sometimes the choice is made for you.  When we moved to Albuquerque from Las Vegas, NV, we didn't really have any other options.  The work was here and in a down economy, we were just thankful to have a good job.

The past 6 years have been a predictable story....James is a government contractor, and every few years the contract that fills those positions goes up for rebid.  Sometimes a new company wins and they typically hire on the people already in place.  The last time this happened, James simply moved over to the new company.

But something else has also happened over the past few years.  I've seen this job slowly take a piece of my husband's joy.  We sarcastically joke that's he's going off to his "happy place" for the day, even though we both know that he'll later be home weighed down by the stress and dissatisfaction of his job. 

The opportunity to volunteer as a high school football coach came along a few years ago, and it's been a saving grace.  When James is coaching, he's in his sweet spot.  And even though it means longer days for him (and us), it has been completely worth seeing his spark back.   Without football I think the burden of his work would have had a much bigger impact on our family.

Now, what does all this have to do with moving?  Well....the contract was up for rebid and sure enough, a new company won.  I think everyone assumed he would just go over to the new company, but even though he doesn't love his job, James does loves his current company.  The future of the current contract is very uncertain and James' company really wanted to keep him on board.  Which would mean moving far, far Dayton, Ohio to be exact.  And we had to make a decision like quick, quick because they wanted him to start there on November 1st.

Being that I'm a terrible citizen with awful geography, I thought Ohio was about where Wisconsin sits on the ol US map.  Nope.  Much further east.  Much further away from my family in CA and James' family in TX.  It's not a place I ever considered moving.

But you know what it


?    Green.  With four distinct seasons.  And lots of cool places just a short drive away.  And a mid-west spirit that I've always been drawn to.  Ohio has great schools.  It has homes with space and big lots for kids to play.   And James would get to work in a capacity of this business that he actually enjoys. 

So, we prayed.  We prayed honestly and openly, and tried to lay our fears and plans at the feet of a good God, who has so faithfully provided for us all along.  One red flag after another came up around James' current job, and peace came with the doors to Dayton that seemed to be opening.  The more I think about this move, the more I realize how many prayers God may be answering in this one, slightly terrifying and uprooting move. 

We are still waiting for things to be finalized, but it feels really good to leave behind an unloved job (even though it came with some security) for an opportunity to do something new.   I never want James to feel stuck in a job he hates. Even though the fear of the unknown can freak me out, we're getting really excited for the adventure that lies ahead!

And if you're wondering how the kids are taking it, surprisingly well.  We asked them what they might like to have in our next house.  Once they found out about basements they were beyond thrilled at the possibility of having stairs.  So, put that at the top of our house hunting list! 

Now that you've got the back story of this move, we can get into all the details of how we're attempting to organize ourselves, projects we've done to prep the house for sale, some lessons learned from this house as we think about our next, and lots of other good, good stuff.  How bout we start with the kitchen reveal I've been promising and not delivering?   I have such mixed emotions over this kitchen and it has a place in this story of our move.  All comin' at ya tomorrow!  

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