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"31 Days of Moving" Day 18: Neutralizing & Unifying Our Living Spaces

Deme CrinionComment
A month after we moved into this house our youngest son Jack was born, putting us at three kids under 4 years old.  I knew that the DIY updates to this house would take on turtle pace at best.  So, we started with just one room at a time.  We picked a great neutral color for the living room to get us started.

And the following year picked a complementary rich chocolate brown for the dining room.
We didn't do more than a little painting and sprucing to these spaces, because I had my DIY eyes set on our  kitchen.

We really took the time to think about the color scheme for the kitchen and by the time we rolled up our sleeves to get started, we found that we had moved more towards greys and less towards browns in the majority of the house.

Prior to listing our house, our main living spaces were looking like a group of misfits.
Before we even knew about the move, we had already purchased a couple cans of Valspar's Montpelier Madison White (a light stone color) that we hoped would be the right weapon to neutralize and unify these very disjointed spaces.

We didn't have enough time or resources to completely finish these rooms off, but a fresh coat of paint made a world of difference in creating harmonious living zones that didn't compete with the newly finished kitchen.

We took this color all the way down the hallway as well.  It was a lot of sweat labor (thanks Brian for lending a hand!) but for a minimal investment we were able to really change the entire feel of our living space.  Don't mind the sloppy slipcovers in the dining room - they'll be getting a little nip and tuck here soon.

Carrying similar accent colors throughout all these spaces also helped them play well together. The pops of teal and coral in these rooms tell a similar story and help the eye easily navigate from one room to the next.  And it's still neutral enough for potential buyers.

A cohesive color palette is a big lesson learned for our next home.  I don't think it's possible for me to come up with a completely detailed color plan for the house before we move in, but I would like to think more about flow and some of the colors that we want to carry throughout the home for a cohesive feel before we take a paintbrush to the walls.  Cause it ain't no fun to paint twice! Or three times.  Or....

Anyone else end up having to go back and repaint walls?  Was your first color choice dead on?  Do you have an each-room-stands-alone or it-all-must-flow approach?  Do tell!

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