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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 17: Make Time to Celebrate

Deme Crinion2 Comments
The short timeline of this move has kept us on our toes to say the least!  I feel like we just knocked out a huge to-do list getting the house ready for the market, and now we have an enormous list of new ones.  The good news is we're getting really excited about the move, which makes tackling that list a little more fun. 

In between all the phone calls and packing, we're trying to make sure we schedule in time with friends and to enjoy our last weeks in ABQ with the people we love. 

For the majority of September we were working our tails off to get the house ready to list by October 1st.  I think I wore this getup for two weeks straight.  I like to call it paint splattered chic. Then again chic would probably imply showering...

But September is also the birthday month for two of our bambinos. So, while we weren't going to be able to throw a big birthday bash we did make sure to celebrate their individual special days.  No projects, just lots of balloons and cake and family time.

And ohmygoodness it's fall!   I had so many fun ideas for decorating and crafts to do with the kids.  But alas, we didn't want to scare potential buyers away with skeletons and cobwebs and over the top Halloween decor.  Instead I put out a few of my favorite pumpkins and fall scented candles.  This is my favorite time of year and I don't want to miss it because my head was stuck in a mess of packing tape and bubble wrap. 

Moving can be so overwhelming and I find my mind running a mile a minute.  I literally have to force myself not to think about the new house or coming up with a packing plan sometimes.  It's ok to take a day off from moving mode to spend time with friends and family or just to enjoy where we are.  Those will be the days we remember.  The rest will be a blur.

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