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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 14: Perspective

Deme Crinion2 Comments
The first response we usually get after telling people we're moving, is "Oh, but you just finished your kitchen!!".  Don't I know.  

At different moments, this move has continued to pose the question - "how will you choose to see this?"

We spent an entire summer purging and organizing the garage, finally getting it to a usable we just trashed it again getting the house ready to sell....or....thank goodness we went through all that stuff. I can't imagine doing it now.

We put some major sweat, labor hours and love into our kitchen.......we don't even get to enjoy it and wasted all that time/money/resources....or....thank you Lord, that we were able to finish this huge project in time for this move and for helping us add value to our home.

We're moving to a totally unknown place, really far from our family.......why?  why now when we were just starting to feel settled?  this is a place that we never would have chosen ourselves, but has so many of the things we've been wanting for our family. 

I can choose to whine, and pout, and operate from a state of sadness....or, I can choose to function in gratitude and trust.  One leaves me anxious and lonely.  The other leaves me with renewed peace and expectation.

Whenever I feel fear creeping in, I have to choose to redirect my thoughts and focus onto all the ways God has already blessed and lead us through this moving process.  And how He was preparing us even months ago for the whirlwind of this move.

Unexpected moves have lead us to some incredible places and to life-long friends.  I don't doubt that this one will be any different, even though I might just want to bury my face in a pillow and cry at times.  Which is totally cool, just remember to open your eyes and count blessings when you pick your mascara streaked face back up. 

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