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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 13: What Is House Hunting Success?

Deme CrinionComment
We just got back from a whirlwind house hunting trip to Ohio!  

We were there just 24 hours (spread over two days) and checked out over a dozen houses.  We saw a lot of different areas surrounding the city and were able to narrow it down to two favorite neighborhoods.  Identifying the area you want to live in is a huge step in the house hunting process! 

With such a limited amount of time to house hunt, James and I had to decide if the house or the neighborhood were more important to us.  We decided that being in one of the two areas we fell in love with was more important than finding the perfect house in an area we weren't crazy about.  

There are great homes in our top neighborhoods and if we don't find our perfect match made in heaven right away, we can wait for the right place to come up.  I feel like we can now freely say no to homes outside our main areas of interest, and it's much less overwhelming to focus on just a small area. 

We're that much closer to making Ohio home!

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