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"31 Days Of Moving" Day 10: Meet Our Ugly Bathrooms

Deme CrinionComment
Let's not sugar coat things.  Our bathrooms are not the selling features of our home.  Wallpaper in all pastel shades of the rainbow, bright orange laminate countertops, old leaky sinks, tiny stand up shower in the master.  No bueno.

We've been focusing on the bedrooms and living areas over the past couple of years, and the bathrooms hadn't been bumped up on the list yet...with the exception of a few updates to the half bath off the laundry room.

When we got news of relocating, we knew we couldn't throw a ton of money into updating these spaces.  But we also couldn't leave them as they were. 

Here's a peak at what we were dealing with...this was after we pulled up the gross carpet in the master and laid some new flooring.

I'll show you how we spruced them up without breaking the bank tomorrow.  Happy Weekend!

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