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The Best Laid Plans

Deme Crinion2 Comments
I had big plans and even made pinky-swear promises to share our full kitchen reveal today.  But yesterday, when the light was good for snapping pictures, I was not wielding my camera.  No.  I was keeping the kids away from the archeological dig site that was our front yard...

 Earlier that day a kind gentleman from the city water department knocked on the door to inform me of my excessive water usage.  We had nothing on or running in the house but our meter was spinning like crazy.  Apparently, last month we used about 20 units of water and in the 28 days since his last check we had used 190 units. 

He was nice enough to walk the property with me, but it had rained the night before making it hard to tell what was what in the word of pipe leakage.  So later that day, these amazing guys showed up and started digging up our yard.  And we have a monster leak.  One that's probably going to require us to replace the entire galvanized steal pipe that runs from the house down to the street.  Between that and the impending water bill, our check book is so not happy. 

But at least it wasn't under the house, right?  Now that would have been bad.

In the meantime, they shut the water off but not before we filled several pitchers with water and filled the bathtub so that we could actually, you know, scoop out water to flush a toilet.  But so much for showers or doing the coaching uniform James needs for tomorrow's game or the guest sheets I need to wash for my brother in law's visit tomorrow.   Our children will just be hill-billy dirty for another day and it turns out that James is pretty good at washing clothes in a sink, so I think we'll survive.

Hopefully, it will all be resolved tomorrow, but not before our yard is thoroughly torn up and put back together again. We had some tile-work involving a wet saw on the docket for tomorrow, so I think that's going on the back burner too.  I promise we'll get caught up soon and hope your weekend is leak free!  Ok that just sounds wrong.  But you get the idea...have a good one!

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