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Reader Spot: A Nautical Playroom

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Oh my y'all.  This weekend was craziness.  We discovered a huge leak in our main water line in the front yard....the day my brother-in-law arrived in town for a weekend visit.  The plumbing crew was able to patch the line but as they were filling the hole back up with dirt, the line burst in another spot.  

So, front yard excavation commenced and we now have an entirely new water line running from the house to the street.  And now we're trying to catch up on the loads of dishes and laundry that were already piled up before they had to shut the water off for a couple days.  

Fortunately, since I don't have a pretty space to show you today, Chloe from Everywhere Beautiful is here with an absolutely amazing space to share!  Nautical inspired playroom anyone?  Oh, yes please!  Here's Chloe with all the details on how she turned a blank loft space into a cozy and playful spot for the whole family.....

What was the space like before you began?
Well our playroom has withstood some major obstacles. The biggest one being that we moved out of state in the middle of the project! The space in our last house was big and blank. I had plans to replace the ceiling light fixtures, install wainscoting, and of course paint the walls. All of those plans had to be swapped out for new ones though, when we decided to move to Arizona where we would be renting a house.  In our new house, our playroom is a loft space between the kid's bedrooms.  It's a small, bright room with light tan (which wouldn't be my first choice of color but it'll work!) walls. 

 What were some of the things that inspired the colors or other design choices for the project?
A few years ago my husband and I took a trip to New England. We absolutely fell in love with the scenery of the Maine coast in particular, and it has influenced the decor of our entire home in subtle ways.  Since this is a kid space, I felt I could take the nautical theme up a notch to create an inviting whimsical playroom. 
What were any problem areas and how did you address them?
When we began we had zero storage for toys in the playroom which meant it was usually a total mess. Even when it was "clean" it didn't feel nice because that just meant that most of the toys were organized on the floor against the wall. 
After a lot of research online I chose to go with two Expedit shelving units from Ikea. These put the toys at the perfect little kid height and make clean up easy.  
To wrangle smaller toys we used 4 Knipsa baskets from Ikea, and 4 metal buckets I found on Amazon. I glued small square chalkboards to the front of the baskets so my kids know exactly where to find each toy, and painted wide navy blue stripes on the buckets to add to the nautical look I was going for. 
Once we were in our new house, the biggest problem was the size of the space.  It is about 1/4 the size of our old playroom so it took a lot of thought and planning to get the most out of the space.  I don't even know how many times I rearranged the furniture, but it was worth it! I love the flow of the space now. 
How did you get your resourceful/thrifty/think outside the box/DIY on?
In so many ways! Here is a quick review of our DIY projects

-I made the curtains and most of the throw pillows

-I learned how to make cute nautical knots which I used on the lampshade and pillows.
-I found things on clearance or from around the house that I could just give a coat of paint, like the picture frames, the lamp, lantern, and the plastic magnetic numbers.
-I made the art display frames and the rope initials above each one.
-The magnetic chalkboard was an old bulletin board that we hadn't been using since the move, so I gave it a few coats of chalkboard paint and wrapped it with some rope.
-Painted our lego bin and added a rope handle
-The framed lighthouse pictures are just some wallpaper decals that were given to me years ago. I glued them on some card stock and stuck them in a frame, and I LOVE them now!
-I made an art caddy that is always stocked with Color Wonder markers and paper. 
What makes the space special and unique?
Even though we are in land locked Arizona, we can get a glimpse of the spirit of the Maine coast every time we pass by the playroom. The pictures of our kids that are on the wall were taken at the beach and on an old ship.  I love that the photos match the theme of the room.
How did you make this space work to fit your needs?
By addressing our particular storage needs was the biggest thing. Every toy has a specific place so nothing really ever gets lost! I chose labels that use pictures instead of words, which has really made a difference! The kids know where to find their toys and where to put them away at clean up time. 
Also, I think keeping the color pallet of the decor limited has made the room feel cleaner.  Most toys are so bright and colorful already and I wanted a peaceful, calming space.  All in all we are thrilled with the design and function of our new playroom!


I can completely see why!  She totally managed to create a space that lends itself to the full realm of kiddo play, but it also just looks so darn pretty!  The subtle details create a space that mom and dad can enjoy right along with their little ones.  You can find all the details on Chloe's charming sea inspired play room right here.  And while you're there, don't miss all of her other fab projects, like this amazing laundry room spruce up!  Thanks again, Chloe for sharing this fantastic room with us!

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