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Reader Spot: A Glammed Up Workspace!

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 Welcome back from a long weekend!  I hope you all enjoyed some wonderful time off with friends and family.  Today I have such a pretty upcycle to show you from Sheena at Bean In Love.  Awhile back we featured her twin girls' nursery which happens to sport the same yummy hue as her new desk.  Check out this coral beauty!

 But of course, it didn't always look like this.  Here's Sheena with all the juicy details...

-What was the piece like before you began?
The desk was a thrift store find my then boyfriend/now hubs bought for himself in college.  It was where he was supposed to study even though I think the couch or coffeehouse usually won.  :) 
 It was an antique in great condition and perfect for a bachelor like him because it was painted black with a reddish undertone.  It was also missing a handle - a piece of rope was in its place, something he apparently wasn't bothered by.  We found the chair in the storage shed in our backyard after we moved in to our current home.  It was left here by the previous owner.  She left it for the right people, that's for sure.  :)

-What were some of the things that inspired the colors or other design choices for the project?
I really love Sarah Dorsey's blog,, and in particular, a nightstand she painted coral.  I knew I had to have coral paint in my stash after that and this was the perfect canvas to try it on. 
 I found the new silver and white hardware on super clearance at Target a few years ago and while hunting for fabric for the chair seat a few weeks ago, thought the greek key it's now donning tied everything together.

-What were any problem areas and how did you address them?
The only problem I had was a missing chair seat.  The old seat was disgusting, as you can imagine, since it sat in the back shed for who knows how long before we saved it.  
So, we had to cut and form a new one.  
The chair back isn't straight across either so that made for a little challenge in shaping the wood and seat to it.  It turned out great though and I think that that's my favorite part!

Also, to prevent a problem area - the top of the desk where all the work is done - I painted a coat of polycrylic for protection from pen marks, scratches, the usual stuff that happens to desks of hard workers.  ;)

-How did you get your resourceful/thrifty/think outside the box/DIY on?
I really wanted to line the drawers but didn't want to spend a lot of money so I used leftover fabric from chair seat and some Elmer's glue to line the drawers.  Now they match the seat and it's all one little ball of happy when you open a drawer!

-What makes this piece special and unique?
The fact that both the desk and chair are thrifted/someone-elses-trash alone makes them special and unique!  You won't find anything like them anywhere and I love that!

-How did you make this space or piece fit your needs?
Sadly, I think we're going to be selling the desk because we swapped it out for a bigger one and the room it was in will be our twin girls room in a year so the home office is probably going to get moved to the master bedroom, where this desk is now.  Time will tell what happens!
Oh the power of paint!  Pretty awesome, right?  The hue is just divine and the white/grey/gold accents give it such a sophisticated vibe.  I love that she lined the drawers with the same fabric too.  What's your favorite part?
You can find all the details on this project and endless DIY goodness (like the to-die-for mint knobs she just added to her girls' dresser) over at Bean in Love.  Thanks, Sheena!!

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