House For Six

Out With The Dead & In With...Something Alive

Deme CrinionComment
Once upon a time, we had the bright idea to transplant some of our rose bushes from the backyard to our barren front yard.  Turns out, our green thumbs are more of the brown variety.  Like dead as a dog brown.  And nothing says warm and welcoming as you approach our house like dead spikey skeletons of rose bushes past.

They might be good for some Halloween decorating but I've had the itch to add some color to the front entry for a long time now.  The weather has been gorgeous and fall mums have been calling my name!

It was fairly easy to pull these bad boys back up.  As soon as they were out, this random area already looked a thousand times better.

The boys and I made a trip to Lowe's and as soon as I set our colorful blooms down, I wondered why we waited so long to do this.  A year to be exact.  That's how long those ugly spike sticks were there, greeting our visitors.
 We're working on potting and arranging them today, but I think this picture says it all.  Good riddance!  And hello, Fall!

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