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Our Brown, On Tan, On Brown Living Room

Deme Crinion6 Comments

Something happened.  Our living room used to be a space of soft neutral color.  It was definitely unfinished, but at least had a semi-clear direction.


And now? Well, now it's....brown. 
 I considered pulling out the kids toys and kicking the boys out of the room for this shot but they are like the pop of color that helps break up all that....brown.

It doesn't help that the color in the adjacent dining room is another rich....brown.

And that awesome armoire I found on craigslist a few weeks ago?  It landed its brown self in the living room too.  I still plan to paint it, but for now it adds to the whole beige ambiance.

So how did we get here?  If you follow us on Instagram you might remember this photo of our kids making themselves at home on an enormous couch at Costco.

Well, we bought it.  They were selling a charcoal grey one a couple weeks prior that I was kicking myself for not getting, and when I saw this one in the same style for $200 less than the grey one we jumped on it.  One problem.  It was.....brown.

And gigantic.  I mis-measured and the sectional is HUGE.  But being an enormous sectional it does have fairly clean lines and it's the perfect size for our whole family to snuggle up for stories.  So, we took out some extra furniture, and plan to swap out the side tables for a sofa table that will go behind the couch.  I'm thinking that ottoman is also going to get covered in something other guessed it...brown.

But we have some other problems to address too...

It's okay.  You can say it.  We both know this room is a hot mess.  We've been planning to paint the entry, hallway, and living room a lighter grey (another reason we thought the brown vs grey couch would help things from feeling too cool).  Until then it's just a whole lot of conflicted browns.

At least these two are getting along (while I was taking pics anyway). 
I'm not gonna lie.  Having 2 boys just 15 months apart was tough at times.  Especially in the beginning when Sully was really still a baby and it was so hard to spread myself between the two of them.  But it was also the best of blessings.  We have such sweet memories of those tender early days.  And now we're seeing a lot more of this...

Sweet buds.  I love watching them play together.  It makes the times they want to kill each other more bearable ;)  As they get older that brother bond grows stronger and they really are each other's best pal.  They are especially good at getting into trouble together.  What happens when their sister's at school...

Anyone else fighting with a beige/brown/tan room??

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