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Mashed White Sweet Potatoes: A Happy Accident

Deme Crinion2 Comments

I heart sweet potatoes.  I could eat them baked, roasted, mashed...any way you want slice em', dice em' and cook em' up, I'm all for it.  I've just never had one any color other than orange.  We stumbled on a these white sweet potatoes last week and ended up with my new favorite side dish.  Which also happens to be Perfect Health Diet friendly - cha ching!

Now that our Target has a fresh market (and gives me a reason to make completely unnecessary stops), I picked up some sweet taters from there the other day.  I went to peel them, and to my surprise, found a flash of white not orange starting back at me.

I wasn't sure what to do with them, but Google told me that there are indeed white sweet potatoes.  They have a milder taste but can be prepared just the same as their orange counterparts.  So, on we pushed with our mashed sweet potatoes and holy moly, were they delish!

Here's how it went down...

James peeled and sliced them.

It's funny how differently we think.  I would have cut them into chunks.  He sliced them.  No biggie, just cut them up so they cook faster in a pot of boiling water.

We boiled them for about 18min, until they were fork tender.

We weren't sure how to season these bad boys, so we decided to keep it basic.  My genius husband came up with the honey.  I'll be honest...I totally doubted him. But that turned out to be the best decision EVER.

While the cooked potatoes were draining, we tossed a little butter into the still warm pot.  We had 4 very large potatoes and used 2-3 tablespoons of butter.

Once the potatoes had drained, we tossed them back into the pot with the butter and got to mashing. If you like yours really smooth and chunk-free try using a hand mixer.

I don't mind a little chunk :)

Then we added salt and pepper to taste and about 1 1/2 Tbs of honey.

We mashed it until it was well mixed, and served it up with some grilled sausage.

These potatoes have a mild sweet flavor to them and using a few simple ingredients brought them to life.  It's a much more subtle alternative to a sugar laden sweet potato dish smothered in brown sugar and still get the sweet without it smacking you in the face.  This is quickly becoming a regular item on our menu and just might end up on our Thanksgiving menu this year too!

If you follow the Perfect Health Diet or Paleo this dish can easily fit into your diet.  Just stick with grass-fed butter or swap it for almond milk, and use local, pure, raw honey. :)

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