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Birthdays and Bathrooms

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Happy Monday!   I hope you all had a great weekend!  

We spent ours celebrating a certain little boy's 4 year birthday....

Sully, you were my easiest delivery and our smallest bambino at 8lbs 9oz.  
Your spirit longs for adventure and laughter, and your joy-filled soul blesses us each and every day.  We love you so much, Buddy!

September has 4 birthdays and 3 anniversaries in our family, so it has definitely been a month to celebrate!

I'm also celebrating over our next project.  As we put the final touches on the kitchen and take pics for the full reveal later this week (FINALLY!) we're moving our attention back to our master bedroom.  Our on-suite bathroom to be exact.

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen a sneak peak of this less than pretty space.  I would actually categorize this as the worst "room" in our house.  We carried the floors from our bedroom into the dressing area (2 closets are on the right, sink and linen closet are on the left).  But it doesn't hide the wood switch plate covers, the rainbow pastel wall paper, and the brass.  Lots and lots of brass...

Even worse than this area, is the closet of space that houses the toilet and tiny shower.  I mean really.  Is there anything that dates a space and just makes it feel sort of yucky than a wood toilet seat with rusty hinges? 
Well, that and the tile that still looks dirty even after I've thoroughly scrubbed it and the excessive use of towel bars.

I had to snap this shot while standing in the shower..
We're not ready to do a full reno of this space yet, but that doesn't mean we can't spruce it up in the meantime.  Those towel bars are coming down (when you open the shower door it blocks them anyway), the toilet seat is being replace with a fresh white one, and I think a fresh coat of paint and a few accessories will do wonders for this tiny closet bathroom.  Then maybe I'll have the motivation to keep peeling that wallpaper.  Just keep peeling, just keep peeling.....

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!