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The Home Management Binder That Could

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OK.  This is embarrassing...but I'll tell you.  Because friends can share their embarrassing moments with each other, right?

So, it seemed like last year everyone was getting their lives together with the ever popular Home Management Binder.  I "oohed" over Toni's, and "aahed" over Jen's.   A one-stop-spot for managing all things home/work/kids/life related?  Oh yes. I was certain this would save me countless grays scrambling to find important information.  Yes, I'm 34 and the gray hairs are beginning their infiltration.

But back to binders.  I have downloaded some amazing free printables over the past year, and even created some of my own to include in this magical binder that would make my life a thousand times easier.  You would think, as chaotic as our home and lives have been this year that I would have wasted no time in putting that bad boy together. 

Oh I planned to...I even hosted a "get organized" night for our mom's group with copies of all the printables for everyone to whip up a binder on the spot.  Everyone but the hostess.  Because hostessing is busy business you know - sampling baked goods, sipping on wine....

So, there the printables and random pieces of paper with important info sat.  In a pile. For a year.

I don't know if it was the start of the school year or just the urge to push some of the unnecessary stress out of our lives, but I finally have myself an assembled Home Management Binder!  With the papers actually hole punched and clipped in!   I know!! 

It really only took me one weekend to get it assembled and that's because little ones and a hole punch are not a recipe for anything good.  I'm sure you could whip one up in a distraction free hour or two.

Let's take a look inside, shall we?
(I either downloaded or purchased most of Jen's Home Management Binder printables.  They can all be found in her amazing Etsy shop and I use (IHeart) to reference them below)

On the inside cover we have our First Aid/CPR quick reference cards in the front binder pocket.  On the other side is a 3-hole pouch that holds our checkbook, giving envelopes, an some writing utensils.

 Next is our colorful personalized cover page courtesy of Jen...

Immediately after that is our 2013 calendar.  We keep all our event specific schedules in their respective tabs, but all the dates go into this one master calendar.  Then we display one month at a time on our large chalkboard family calendar

Just behind the calendar, I have another IHeart print out for random blog post ideas that pop into my head.  I keep the majority of my blogging tools in my office, so this is super handy for jotting down a quick idea.

Now for the tabs!  I divided things up by using some of the more common categories and then added a few that were specific to our family.  I placed the most frequently accessed ones in the top set of five.

This tab has all of our kids' school calendars, schedules, sign-ups, and rosters specific to their classrooms. At first I tried to break up this info among different tabs (i.e. one tab for all our calendars, one for contacts, etc), but ultimately found that it was better to keep everything for one category together.

Another IHeart printable helps us keep all of our phone/addressess/websites/policy #s/etc. for insurance, medical, banking, and local contacts.  You can find it here.
Personalized Important Household Information Printable

Here we keep a copy of our base monthly budget, the IHeart Financial Checklist for tracking bills, my 30-Piece Wardbrobe Shopping Checklist, and a gift giving planning sheet for the holidays.

Here we have a few copies of our Weekly Menu Planning sheets, our Grocery Comparison sheets, and some of our previous monthly menus.

I'm trying to follow this easy 15 minutes A Day Cleaning Schedule by Organizing Made Fun.  Trying I tell ya.  In this section we also keep the IHeart Home Maintenance Checklist.

IHeart to the rescue again....our Projects tab holds a running to-do list for around the house and a project budget sheet when it's time to plan for those larger home projects.
Personalized Home "To Do" List Printable

Here we keep all of our schedules, rosters, and contact info for the different ministries we're involved with.

This tab is dedicated to those times we're away from the house....whether it's leaving for a vacation or simply out for a date night while a babysitter hangs with the kids.  We keep an info sheet for babysitters here along with our kids packing list.

This tab is for all things cars. An IHeart auto maintenance log and our winterize the car checklist.

This final tab is all about those special days....and making sure I don't forget them!  We have our Days to Celebrate printable along with our Birthday and Christmas gift trackers (that help make sure we aren't giving the same gift twice and help us remember those gifts that are especially great for certain ages).
 All those can be found under our Free Printables tab.

I'm sure we'll add to this as we go along, but now that it's finally assembled I'm not sure what I did without it.  Well, yes I do know.  A whole lot of searching through piles of paper and asking people to hold on.  Better late than never, right? 

Do you have a Home Management Binder or some sort of system that helps you keep all that important info in one place?  What sorts of things did you include in yours?  What's been the most helpful part of that system for you?

Thanks so much for reading! We would love to keep in touch!