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Our Kitchen Update: All. Most. There.

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I really wanted to be showing you a fresh, finished and totally different space today....but we're living in the real world of figure-it-out-as-you-go DIY here with all sorts of surprises (read: cause for grey hair) along the way.

So, I think a progress report will do.  Remember when I first grabbed a paint brush to get this kitchen party started A YEAR AGO?  We were starting with this:

Lots and lots of brown and blah...

Ready for it now?  Welcome to half-done.

OK, it's more than half done.  We're actually really, really close to being finito with this phase of the reno and if I close my eyes or just try to crop out the "undone" I see the beautiful space we envisioned.  Even with my messy cupboards exposed and parts of the cabinets unpainted, it still feels a thousand times lighter and brighter in here!

Let's go on a little tour...

We should start with the cabinets because they take up the biggest amount of real estate and have been the constant thorn in my DIY side.  We knew that painting the cabinets would be the quickest and cheapest way to really give fresh life to this room.  From the get go I wanted white just to help brighten up the space, but after wavering and almost chickening out, we finally settled on a dark grey for the lower cabinets.  So happy!
I had a nice little painting station set up on the garage floor.  I put the second to last coat of paint on the doors and walked inside to let them dry.  In the morning I discovered that the wind has sent a bunch of leaves and dirt under the crack of the garage door and onto my freshly painted cabinet doors.

I know.  Woe is me.  I cried, cleaned them up, sanded them down, and moved that painting operation inside.  Last coat of paint goes on tonight! (How many times have I said that??)

While the doors were off, we had the chance to see how things looked all open and such.  We decided to leave the doors off the two shelves above the microwave and off the cabinet just to the left of it.  We painted the insets the same dark grey (Valspar's Ocean Storm) as the lower cabinets.

Since they are just above our coffee machine, we dedicated this space to all our coffee and tea essentials.

The striped baskets on the top shelf hold our my tea.  Clearly, chai is a staple in this house.

On the shelf below that, we use a white ceramic container (that I could just hug) to hold our coffee grounds, and a bowl to the right corrals our coffee filters and measuring scoop.

I still have this section to the right of the dishwasher and the area behind the microwave before I can call the painting done.

The other instant brightener to this cave kitchen was the back splash.  I am so in love with this glass/stone/marble mosaic tile.  Someone will have to peel me off of it if we ever move from this house.  We found it at Costco several months ago for just $17 per 25 square feet, and we snagged it up knowing we eventually wanted to tackle the kitchen.  It dictated most of the choices in here and is the perfect backdrop for all the punchy red/berry accents we're bringing in.

Now for maybe my favorite spot in the kitchen.  We ditched the old corroded sink for a fresh white and a faucet that has improved the way we operate in this space by leaps and bounds.  Isn't she purdy...

I have more on the install and all the features of this bad boy coming up!

And that about does it!  We still have that final coat of paint for the doors, the small section of cabinetry to paint next to the dishwasher, an old light to replace above the sink, outlets to swap out, and since we went with a grey on the lower cabinets I think we're going to paint the walls a lighter grey.  We originally painted them the darkest color of the ombre striped wall in our breakfast nook.  So, I think we'll switch it up for the lightest one instead.  Or maybe even carry the white on the cabinets up to the wall for some added visual height.  Oh! Let's not forget the empty space above the stove...  

My plan was to do a magnetic chalkboard paint treatment so that I could use a magnet to hang recipes or write little notes, but the reviews I read on the magnetic paint weren't so great.  Anyone else used this?  Anyone else taken as long as us to tackle a kitchen?  I hope not!

Come back tomorrow for more juicy kitchen details and a pretty awesome giveaway!!

Thanks so much for reading!  We would love to keep in touch!