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Magical Things

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Ok, so this post isn't about fairies or some cool card tricks, but a couple of unexpected things that happened over the past few days that were sort of magical to my little world.

The first involved lunch prep....

Mia started school last week and so did the nightly routine of making her lunch for the next day.  Well, if big sis is making her own lunch and packing it up into her lunch box, then her two little bros want to do the exact same thing.  I'll admit I wasn't crazy about an additional 4 hands "helping" out in the kitchen, but then the magic happened....the next day when it was time for lunch, the boys pulled their lunch boxes out of the fridge and were ready to go!  No lunch prep for me - glorious and magical!

The other involved Target.  Now Target in and of itself is all sorts of magical, but I had to stop for groceries and somehow wandered over to the women's clothing.  And what did I find?  About double the normal amount of clearance racks from 30%, 50% and 70% off and ALL with an extra 20% off taken at the register.  Score!  I filled some basic staple items in my closet for well under $10.00 an item.  Is your Target making room for fall too?

In similar news, I came across this post on tips for shopping at Target
 10 tips for shopping target clearance
I've pinned a couple of related things in the past, but this is one of the better ones.  It mentions that this is also the time of year that they mark down a ton of toys.  We stayed clear of that department this weekend, but have you noticed big sales on toys in your neighborhood Target?

On a not so magical note, I thought I hit the kitchen hardware jackpot at Home Depot when they had the brass pulls I liked in a discounted bulk pack.  I really love the look of brass on grey cabinets, but when I got them home I realized that I wasn't loving the finish or the style in our kitchen.

 (This is not the cabinet's true color, they look much less blue in person.)

So, the qwest continues! And hardware or not, I'm keeping my promise to show you the kitchen tomorrow, along with an awesome giveaway! I also have a post about building a basic versatile wardrobe with tons of tips and tools for shopping that I'm excited to share this week.  AND did I tell you we got a new couch??  About a month ago.  Our living room looks totally different.  OK, we definitely need to catch up :)  Hope you had a great weekend!