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Coffee Mug Herb Planters

Deme Crinion8 Comments
In my mind, my dream kitchen has always included an herb garden.  I envision myself pulling fresh basil leaves for a scrumptious Italian dish that I lovingly prepare for my family...

Hey.  This is my dream.  My real life self has three little people talking to her all at the same time, lego towers covertly going up right behind where she's standing, and less than gentle hands wanting to help "cook the leaves".   So, while it's not exactly the most serene of settings, these coffee mug herb planters we have prettying up our window sill totally make me smile.

herb garden

It was a super easy project from our most recent kitchen update that probably doesn't need a detailed how-to.  So, here's a little recap of what we did...

I found three jumbo sized mugs at Target in their new gift section by the greeting cards.
If you're planting herbs already grown, then you'll want to get large or very tall mugs.  This project would also be perfect (maybe even better!) for starting seeds, and in that case a smaller cup will do just fine.

I found this three-herb pot of Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano at Trader Joes and moved everything outside to the patio to work.
herb garden

I started by filling each mug with a little bit of potting soil. (As one of you suggested, drilling a small hole in the bottom of the cup or adding some small pebbles to the bottom will allow for necessary drainage!)
herb garden

Next, I broke up the herb party and placed each one inside an individual mug.
herb garden

I filled around the sides with more potting soil, gave them a drink of water, and called it done!

herb garden
When they get too large (and they are close), we can move them outside or to larger pots, and start over with some new seeds.  I would love to get some basil and parsley growing next.

I also wanted to add just a hint of color to the mugs, so I grabbed my pink and red sharpies to fill in some random dots.  I wanted more of a berry color, so I did the red first and went right over it with the pink.
herb garden

Did I mention they make me smile?

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