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Back To School Prep Week: Wrap Up & First Day Of School Printables!

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We made it to the end of the week!  I don't know if I'll ever truly be ready for school to start, but at least I'm not quite in freak-out mode anymore.  I hope the same goes for you!  Let's recap the week....

Monday we chatted about adjusting the daily routine from summer mode to school mode

Tuesday was all about setting up a system to tame the papers that buried me last year.

Wednesday we discovered a genius plan for storing kids art and school projects

Thursday we set up a system to keep the getting dressed drama at bay.

I still know that I will be a basket case on the first day, because I now have a 1ST GRADER.  And she'll be at school ALL DAY.  And I will be worrying myself sick over bullies, and lunch lines, and making new friends.

But Mia is so darn excited.  I love seeing her so eager to begin a new school year and meet new friends.  This really is an exciting time and I don't want to put any of my weepy-mommy vibes on her.  So, I will pull myself together and send her off into a big new world of elementary school.  And try to resist the urge to tell her that school has been cancelled for the year, so she will just have to stay with me for the rest of her life. 

I'll try to distract myself by trying to capture those first day smiles.  Last year we grabbed some pretty sweet shots thanks to these free printables.
(since Jack was too little for school and not to be left out, he had his own "First Day at home with myself!" sign.  You can see the rest of the pics from last year's first day of school by clicking here)

And there's certainly no shortage of uber-cute free printables to suit your taste.  I found all of these by searching for "first day of school printables" on Pinterest.

Like these from Love Bakes Good Cake.....
First Day of School Collage

Or these colorful puppies via Botanical Paperworks
Adorable Set of Free Printables for The First Day of School, includes kindergarten till grade 12

I love these 1st Day printables from Sweet C's Designs ...especially the line to write in what they want to be when they grow up :)
first day of school printables at - these are fun ways to document how your kids grow throughout their school years! Write in what they want to be when they grow up, and use as a photo

 And these sweet chalkboard prints from Paper And Pi 

Here's wishing you all an amazing school year!  And all you mommies with "first timers" at some level, I'll be clinging to my kleenex right along with you.  And assuring my boys that mommy really is ok, and not sad, and will stop crying so that we can drive the car home.  Or stalk Mia through the window all day.  Whatever.