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Back To School Prep Week: Avoid The What To Wear Saga

Deme CrinionComment

We're halfway through Back To School Prep Week!  Are you feeling more prepared?  I'm feeling a little less like a lost sheep, so let's keep going!

This year Mia is attending a school that requires uniforms.  Hallelujah to my ears!  No debate over what to wear each day.  Last year we set up this daily outfit hanger with a "Today I'll Wear..." sign.  

Mia would pick out her outfit the night before and hang it in place for the next morning.  It was fantastic when we did it....and when we didn't there was always a scramble or debate about her choices being weather appropriate as we were trying to get out the door.  Added stress I could do without.

Even though we're going to uniforms this year, I think it will still be a perfect solution to making sure we have all the uniform pieces ready for the next day, and to help us avoid a last minute dash to find socks or a sweater in the mornings. Even though there's no guess work on what to wear, she'll still set out clean clothes and whatever accessories the night before to ensure we're set (and that I don't need to do an emergency load of laundry!).

Our boys are only in preschool a couple days a week, but we've found that also setting out their clothes each night helps to cut down on the morning chaos that much more.  We find this helpful even on their non-school days since they are creatures of habit and we all need to get out the door on time to get big sis to school M-F.

We have a mini drop zone set up in their shared bedroom that is the holding spot for the next day's clothes.
Since we moved the backpacks in the above picture to the mudroom landing zone that freed up two hooks to hang their clothes.  We include shirt, pants, undies, socks, and anything that goes with that outift on each hanger.

For those of you that may be dealing with choosing an outfit for school 5 days a week, a system like Jen's where you choose the outfits for the whole week might be your answer.

Are clothes and getting dressed as big of a morning saga in your house as it is in mine?  How do you cut down on the clothes drama?  I think I'm going to need one of these hangers for myself too.  You can find a free download of the "Today I'll Wear..." sign in three different colors right here!

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