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An Ode To Summer & A Kitchen Update

Deme Crinion11 Comments
Hey, Hey!  It's Monday and I think this morning's going to call for an extra cup of coffee.  But for good reason.  My big plan over the weekend was to FINISH THE DANG KITCHEN.

We're so close!  Sink, faucet, and back splash are all in.  I've been painting cabinets for what seems like forever, but there's just still a couple more to go.  A doable weekend load, but you know what?  School starts tomorrow, so we ditched the paint brushes to enjoy our last couple days of summer.

The city sponsors concerts at the zoo throughout the summer months.  We hadn't made it to one yet, so we packed up a dinner (read: take out from Jason's Deli) to catch The Young Dubliners.  The animal exhibits were still open, so James took the kids to see a few lions and tigers and bears before the concert started.  I hung out so we wouldn't lose our place on the lawn and tried really hard not to crack open these chocolate chip goodies before the kids got back....

It was a perfect overcast night, far outranking my memory of last year's concert in sweltering heat.  Plus there were Dippin Dots.  And doesn't ice cream make anything better?
Yes.  The kids had ice cream and enormous chocolate chip cookies.  We brushed a little extra at bedtime ;)

The concert started in mid dot consumption, so at first there was a lot of this....

And then the full inner Irish dancers were unleashed and those poor people next to us.....

I didn't grab a video because I was too busy trying to make sure one of my tiny dancers didn't crash into any of our picnicking neighbors.  It was just a perfect summer night and we were all so glad to get out after a long week.

The next night James' company sponsored a dinner at the ballpark.  We have a minor league baseball team here and the kids were all about an evening baseball game!

This picture really has nothing to do with anything, but this boy.... he always asks to take pictures in the mirror and I'm certain by next summer I won't be able to hold him as easily and he'll be all big boy and hardly baby.  Can't even handle it...

AND....this summer, this little girl learned to swing all by herself.  She's been trying for months and last week it finally clicked.  Her tush did not leave that swing until it was time to go.  

 And now it's back to this.

I'll be in these duds trying to knock out the cabinets before school actually starts tomorrow.  But just so you don't think I'm making all that stuff up about a sink, and a faucet, and some awesome's a sneak peak of what's going on in that kitchen of ours.  With all the still-to-do strategically cropped of course...

Well almost....I spy a primed lazy susan door in the lower left corner but hey, you get the idea.  Hope you all had a great weekend and for those of you still gearing up for school to start, check out our series on prepping the kids (and you!) for the coming school year!  I'll be a weepy mess tomorrow for sure.  Maybe skip the mascara?