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7 Quick Takes

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Happy Friday!  Time to link up with Jen for our weekly 7 Quick Takes!

1. We did it.  We survived the first week of school!  Mia is absolutely loving it and my fears about her starting first grade are coming down from their DEFCON 1 levels.

Waking up early before the kids on the other hand....well, let's just say I don't love that nearly as much.  It hurts.  And my coffee pot is working overtime.  I did actually make it to bed by 9:30pm one day, so I'm hoping I can get in this new groove by maybe Christmas.

2.  Do we even want to mention the kitchen again??  I'm stuck on hardware.  How about I just show it to you on Tuesday whether it's done or not?  Otherwise it will be like 5 years outdated by the time I actually get to the big reveal.  Deal?  Deal.  Tuesday it is. Kitchen in all it's finished or unfinished glory!

3. Have you "met" Sheena over at Bean in Love yet?  We featured her twin girls adorable nursery awhile back and I have deemed us virtual bliggity blog buds, whether she knows it or not.  They just found out they are expecting a baby BOY - woot woot!!  I think I have about eight prego real life friends (not including ones I internet stalk) at the moment.  Is something in the water around your neck of the woods too?  Baby fever I tell ya!

4.  Some quotes..

Sully, mixing colors as he painted (with Mia at school and the wee one snoozing)...

Sully:  "Check out this color, Mama!"
Me:  "Oooh, nice!  Like a purple color." 
Sully: "Yeah.  Like a turquoise purple"

Jack and Sully playing with Mia's doll house stuff...

Jack: "Here Suwwy!  She goes to sleep!"
Sully: "No Jack!  That's the crib.  That's for the baby"
Jack: "But Suwwy, wook!"
Sully:  "Jack, you are a genius!"

On Monday as I was savoring my last morning to lounge in my pajamas...

Mia:  "Girl, you've gotta get it together."

Amen, Sister.

5.  Jen wrote a fantastic post on why her beloved Breaking Bad is good, edifying TV....aptly titled Why a show about meth dealers made me feel closer to God.  I won't do it justice so just hop over for the witty and thoughtful read yourself.  It's a quick one.

6.  I'm working on a post for next week about how I drastically purged my closet and now (try) to work with a minimal 30-piece wardrobe. It's got me so ready fall...the clothes, the cooler weather, the food, the smells.  Bring. It. On.

7.  After our fairly successful and not entirely traumatic experience with installing beadboard wallpaper, I've been open to trying wallpaper in other places.  Such irony since I can't even count the hours we've spent peeling bad wallpaper from this house.  But good wallpaper in small doses, like in a closet or accent wall, is a different story.  Right??  Occasionally, I hop over to check Anthro's online sales and stumbled on this Birds of Paradise Mural:

I know this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I sort of love it.  The close up pictures show the gorgeous colors on that grey/white backdrop even better.  I think it would be a cool focal wall for a big girl room or I'm even thinking a focal wall in our living or dining room.  What do you think?  Too much or really awesome?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!