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7 Quick Takes Friday

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Time for the quick takes from our week!  Hop over to Jen's for more.

1.  It's the Friday of a long weekend.  Totally rates it's own line at the top of this line-up.

2.  I was lucky enough to ease into this school season with just one child since Sully doesn't start until after Labor Day.  We have his open house today, and I'm still not sure how Jack is going to feel once both his siblings are in school.  He'll either love the one-on-one attention, or begrudge me for life.  We'll see.

3. After an amazing sickness-free summer, the first cold of the season is making it's way through our house.  Which means this poor guy's asthma is back in action.  Such a sweet trooper...

4.  We shared a super easy idea for a coffee mug herb garden earlier this week.... 
 herb garden
One of you was smart enough to suggest small rocks or pebbles at the bottom of the mugs for proper drainage. Yes!

5.  If you missed the post on how I purged my closet down to a 30-piece minimalist wardrobe you can catch all the details, along with shopping helps, a free download, and tips for creative a versatile closet right here!

Purging The Closet!

6. We've had a bit of a spider problem in the backyard.  As in a BLACK WIDOW spider problem.  Yeah. Our pest control peeps were back out again to treat the yard this week.  Do you think he would accept my invitation to camp out with his gear in our garage until we hit winter?

7.  I apologize in advance for this last one...I don't know about you, but our friendly neighborhood Starbucks has had pumpkin bread year round.  Huzzah!  We picked some up the other day for a quick snack in between errands.  I handed a piece to James and with mouth full/mid chew he says, "What's on top of this thing?...Fingernail clippings?"  Ruined.  Pumpkin bread officially ruined for life.  I can not eat a piece now without thinking about you know whenever I crunch down on that pumpkin seed topping.  And by sharing this I realize that I may have ruined them for the rest of your life too, but I couldn't keep it to myself any longer.  Forgive me.

And have a great, safe weekend!

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