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The Epic Closet Purge

Deme CrinionComment
If you follow along with us on Instagram (@houseforfive) then you already caught a glimpse of my clothes-strewn bed yesterday afternoon.

The mother of all closet purges hit with no fore warning.  Does that ever happen to you?  All of a sudden the urge to dump an entire pile of papers in the trash...or give away half your clothes...or chop off your hair hits and you just have to do it?

For the past few months I've been trying to weed the clutter out of our home.  I've been longing for a more simplistic home and life in every way.  I feel like we've purged and donated so many bags, nay, car loads of things to charity and yet it still feels like we have so. much. stuff.

Finally dealing with the garage felt so incredibly good that it motivated me to look at our home yet again.  This last closet purge has been building and building with the mini purges up to now, and I finally did it.  I said goodbye to half my closet and it feels amazing!

Two large garage bags full of clothes that don't flatter my figure, are the wrong size, aren't my color, and look awfully similar to other items in my closet, are gone.  They were pieces that I thought about donating every time I went through my closet but still kept and rarely wore. I'll be dishing on the decision making process for what stayed and what went, along with the guidelines to building a minimal wardrobe that yields itself to endless possibilities here soon.

But first, it's time to enjoy the long weekend with family and friends and the freedoms we are so privileged to enjoy.  I hope you all do the same!   We'll be popping in on facebook and instagram with pics from the weekend and then we'll be back next week with loads of fun stuff to share!

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