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Our Master Bedroom Makeover Round 1: Floors and Walls

Deme Crinion13 Comments
My name is Deme, and I have a confession.  I broke the cardinal rule of setting up house.

When moving into a new home or wrapping your arms around a fixer upper, one of the first rooms at the top of the priority list should be your bedroom.  You don't necessarily have to give the room the full glam-over, but having it set up, free of moving boxes and piles of randomness can create a much needed retreat from the impending chaos of the rest of the house.

We chewed on that little nugget of wisdom...and spit it right out.  Our master bedroom has been the dumping ground for anything and everything that doesn't have a home.  It didn't start out this way.  At first it was just a few boxes of accessories and pictures that we eventually wanted to use in our room...
But once you set down one box or make one small pile, all of a sudden it becomes very easy to add "just one more thing" to it, until before you know it you feel like the room is shrinking and the walls are closing in.  "Relaxing" and "sanctuary" were words that referred to some other fantasy dream place in my head, and certainly not our room.

This is the only before pic I could find that shows most of the room, and this is from a year ago.  So just try to imagine all the empty floor space filled, and things piled up a few feet higher on all sides.

We've been in this house just over 2 1/2 years and figured it was time to finally reclaim this sad, stressful space.  The gross carpet, subtle seafoam green walls, and dusty window treatment that came with the house had us dreaming of a fresh clean slate. 

First up was the floors.  We picked up these wood laminate floors from Costco over 6 months ago.  We blew the dust off the boxes and thanks to a good friend, had a fresh new floor in about half a day!
 prepping a room for new flooring

 You can catch our tips for prepping your room for new floors here.

Aside from the floors, I knew the best way to breath fresh life into this room was through paint.  I've been thinking about what I wanted to do in this room since the day we moved in and finally settled on an overall color scheme and plan for the room.  I knew I wanted a deep blue accent wall but hadn't yet decided on a color for the other walls.

So, where do you go when you need inspiration?  Pinterest, of course.  I went to my boards and took note of my favorite rooms.  I was surprised at how many white rooms with pops of color via accessories or furniture I've pinned.  I had already planned on a blue and white room, and with the new warm floors our bedroom was the perfect candidate for some white paint.

I personally think white walls work best in rooms with some architectural details, otherwise it can look a little flat.  So, I also wanted to add some dimension to the walls.  My original plan for an cost effective board and batten treatment went out the window when I realized how much texture was on our walls.  A paint-able beadboard wall paper ended up being the perfect Plan B.

The process was time consuming, but as a first-time wallpaperer I can honestly say that it wasn't terrible.  You can catch the detailed tutorial right here.

As you can see, we decided to go a little higher than standard chair rail height.  The top of the chair rail sits at 2/3 of the room's height. 

And we added some chunkier new baseboards to finish things off.

The curtains were made from a full/queen size West Elm duvet that I grabbed on sale.  I loved the pattern/color and made them using the same method as the curtains in our office (made from a black and white Nate Berkus duvet). 

It's a super easy project that involves only one cut, and could easily be a no-sew project with a little hem tape.  I also have a ton of leftover fabric since I was able to use only one side of the duvet. 

I found this Renaldi LaFleur Turquoise fabric and absolutely love the colors.  I didn't plan on adding purple into the mix, so for now I have it wrapped around this chair cushion to see how it works in the room. 

We obviously still have a lot of accessorizing to do, but it truly feels like a completely different room.  Especially since we moved the bed to the adjacent wall.

Now, are you ready for that awesome focal wall??  Prepare yourself...
Womp. Womp.

The color is rich and dramatic (Valspar's Hudson Surf), but clearly this area still needs some love.  We have big plans for floor-to-ceiling bookcase nightstands flanking the bed, an upholstered headboard, more pillows, and lighting.....but we first need to upgrade to a longer bed.  And that will take a few more months of saving. 

For now, some basic nightstands are filling in.

It was an intense week of work, but a true labor of love.  Worth every drop of sweat and back pain.  And I think the traditional elements (like the bead board and buffet) mixed with the modern accents (like the curtains), are probably the truest reflection of our style of any room in our home.  We're finally figuring it out.

Has it taken anyone else years to really pin down their style?  Who's guilty of sacrificing their bedroom as the official dumping ground of the house?