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Our Master Bedroom Makeover: The Highlights

Deme Crinion2 Comments
You know how sometimes you make a plan?  A really awesome plan that makes complete sense...and then it all goes out the window?

That has been our summer.  We had a plan to rest, relax, enjoy those simple joys of summer, and take a break from "work".    But somehow I forgot about summer football in all that planning and the 14 hr work days it means for James...and the 14 hrs a day of single parenting it means for me. 

I've found that one of the best ways for me to keep busy when it's too hot to play outside and we still have hours left in the day, is to take on some fun house projects.  We did a few small updates, and then tossed a couple more ambitious ideas on the plate. 

We didn't mean to, but after having to shift things around because of scheduling conflicts, all of a sudden the middle of July was nothing short of project crazytown up in here.  It was that slippery slope where one thing leads to another...

Oh we're finally going to finish painting the kitchen cabinets?  Well then we should update the hardware.  And if we're going update the hardware then we might as well (fill in the blank) too.  So now we're trying to finish up a kitchen reno by the middle of August.  That's when school starts and that's when I'm going to need our lives and our house back in working order.  And hopefully in better working order that when we started!

So, while we finish grouting tile and painting cabinet doors, I'll give you a sneak peak of the other project monster that took over our lives for the past 2 weeks.  As if a kitchen reno weren't enough.

If you keep up with us on Instagram then you've seen the highlight reel from our master bedroom makeover.  It started with the floors.  Wonderful wood laminate floors that have been sitting in boxes in our garage for over 6 months.

We decided summer was as good as time as any to finally put those in.  But it doesn't stop with just floors does it?  Oh no.  If we're doing the floors then we should replace the beat-up baseboards too.  And since all of our furniture will be out of the room, we should probably just paint too.  The world's giant can of DIY worms was just opened and it was GAME ON. 

Here's a bit of the play by play mostly Instagram style...because I was too deep in beadboard wall paper to grab any camera other than my phone.

It begins.  Yes, that is a Christmas decoration. And yes, those curtains came with the house.

Nasty carpet - gone!!
prepping a room for new flooring

Fresh new floors in just a few hours.
prepping a room for new flooring

Time to make some decisions.

Pantless help is always good.  As was your feedback on Instagram about the best height for the beadboard wallpaper.

I finally committed...

And the white lower half confirmed there was indeed a seafoam green on the walls before.

Time for a fresh coat of paint!  My favorite part :)

Some delicious textiles arrived in the mail too.

The man deserves a giant platter of hot wings for all he did in this room. Ok, probably something a little better than hot wings, but that's all he's been talking about.

 And a final sneak peak...

 We have guests in town until tomorrow, so we're going to enjoy our last day together and I'll finish editing the real photos for a full reveal of the walls/floors on Friday.   For now I will just say that I want to live in this room forever and ever.