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New Floors For The Bedroom And A Few Tips For Prepping The Room!

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This past Saturday, we borrowed a friend who knows his way around home improvement, specifically installing laminate wood flooring (thank you, Jerome!!).  Four hours later our master bedroom went from ugly concrete (not the kind you could stain and pretend you were going for a cool modern look) to an almost finished floor!

I can't offer a detailed step-by-step tutorial on the install process since I had the job of keeping kids away from the one room they really wanted to be in, BUT if you google "installing laminate wood floors" a ton of articles/videos are there to help!  And we can share a few things that worked better than others as we started to prep this room.
Installing laminate wood floors 
I didn't grab too many pics since we were busy working but you'll get the idea.

Jerome was coming over on Saturday morning, so Thursday night James, my mom (yes, we put the Yiayia to work!) and I pulled up the carpet.

James pulled off the baseboards first.  They were pretty beat up, so we planned to give them the boot for something younger and better looking. It happens.

This meant we didn't need to be careful not to damage them as we ripped them out since they wouldn't be coming back in.  It only took about 15 min to get them all off.

Once the baseboards were out, my mom and I pulled up the carpet, carpet pad, and scraped at the glue left behind on the concrete.  We used a box cutter to cut the cheapo carpet into strips (a couple feet wide) that we could easily roll up and carry out to the garage.
 (box cutter and scraper that I had from removing wall paper - worked great)

Meanwhile, James had it out with the tack strips. These babies are strips of wood that are nailed into the concrete all around the perimeter of the room and were by far the worst part of the demo.
 (a pic of them in the closet)

James used a small crow bar and hammer to work his way around the room.  He got about half way that night.  And this was one of the main take-aways from this whole process: having the right tools makes the job so much easier!

Something like a wonder bar or something larger with a long handle like a floor scraper will spare your knees and help minimize the sweat bullets.

prepping a room for new flooring

That other line you see running around the room about a foot from the wall is the adhesive used to hold the carpet pad down to the concrete...with chunks of the pad still stuck to it.  We scraped away at this but there were some areas that were incredibly sticky and gooey.  I grabbed the bottle of Goo-Gone from under the kitchen sink and lightly sprayed that sticky line all around the room.  We revisited it awhile later and it came off much easier.  And the room smelled like oranges.

Friday night James pulled up the rest of the tack strips and after everything was up we did a thorough sweeping and vacuuming with the shop vac so it would be ready to go in the morning.

The guys got started around 10am and by 2pm the room was looking a whole lot different...
prepping a room for new flooring

They got almost all the way to the door frame and wall (you can see the small gap by the door frame).  Not bad for a half day's work!  We still have to finish that last bit in the master, and do the adjoining bathroom area.  James said the tools Jerome brought with him made all the difference, so I'll either do a separate post on that or update this one here soon.

I don't think I've ever shown you our master bathroom.  And for good reason.  It's one of the last two rooms still clinging to it's pastel rainbow wallpaper, wood switch plates, and brass mirrored closet doors.  You want to pin it, don't you ;)

The carpet is out and the doors are gone, so it's just a matter of figuring out the cuts for the floor boards and getting er done!  This bathroom and closet area will eventually get a complete overhaul, but beyond the new floors, it's a project that will have to wait awhile. 

For now, the priority is to finish the floors, and focus our efforts on the bedroom area first.  It will be nice to get our bed and other furniture out of the living room.  Once that's done, we'll take the same flooring all the way down the hallway and into the front entry.  I'm standing in Mia's doorway at the end of the hallway for this pic.

I'm so excited to finally bring the vision for this room to life!  Here's the mood board we put together way back when.
blue and white room mood board

We've made a few tweaks to the plan but the overall feel will be the same.  We have a fun wall treatment in store and plenty more DIY projects that will bring this room together.  The thought of finally having a master retreat instead of a master dumping ground after 3 years of living here is like a dream.  A really good dream that we'll soon be able to actually live in.

Here's how our list for the room is shaping up....

-Find a dresser alternative for clothes and accessory storage
-Install new flooring
-Replace baseboards
-Paint/wall treatment
-New window treatments
-Build bookcases to flank the bed
-Create a focal wall behind the bed
-Upgrade from a queen to a cal king mattress (have I mentioned that James is 6'4")
-DIY an upholstered headboard
-Sliding door for bathroom privacy
-Relocate cable jack
-Additional task/reading lighting
-Have fun with pictures and accessories

So yeah, that's still a lot to do but hopefully over the next couple of weeks, we'll be crossing off a lot more!   Is anyone else taking on a summer project?  How about installing new floors yourself?  Tell us your best tips/tricks - we're all ears!

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