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Moms & Headboards

Deme Crinion1 Comment
My mom arrived yesterday and the garage has already undergone another round of organization.  She's a machine, that Yiayia!  I love when she visits because  not only does she love a good project but I can bounce all the ideas I have for the house off her....since, you know, she's not a man, and loves chatting about all the details. 

We talked garage.  We talked kitchen.  We talked dining room, living room, and a new couch for the still empty void from selling our giant green couch.  And we talked master bedroom.

We're prepping to start installing the new floors this weekend.  Eeek!!  Will this really actually happen???  I think it actually might!  It will be weird not seeing stacked boxes of flooring just collecting dust in our garage anymore, but I'm good with that.

Putting the flooring install on the calendar with like a real date and all, got my rear in gear to make some final decisions about the room design.  We're looking to do a deep blue accent wall, so I ordered a couple yards of this Lacefield Bali print in navy/chalk for the upholstered headboard we'll attempt to DIY.

It arrived!  But problem.  I didn't pay attention and the orientation of the chevron print is the wrong way.  Our chevron stripes would end up running vertically instead of horizontally.  Maybe OK, but not a look I'm crazy about.

I still love the fabric, so we'll work it into some large throw pillows or another area of the room.  Which means, I'm now on the look out for a more neutral fabric for the headboard.  One that can change with the room if we switch up the color scheme down the line.  I've always loved a linen headboard.  Seems so timeless and classic.  May be a winner for this space but the fat lady is not singing yet.  There's a lot of white happening in this room, so there's definitely room for some color.

Let's chat bedrooms....wait, not that kind of pillow talk.  Do you like to go bold with the fabrics in a bedroom?  Should the headboard be a neutral safe-zone or a place to have a little fun with pattern?  Anyone else attempted to upholster their own?  Do tell!