House For Six

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Deme CrinionComment

Our Summer Giveaway is closed...congrats to Cheryl on winning a package of super fun summer goodies!!  And thanks to all of you for joining in the giveaway fun!   Reading all your comments about your favorite spot to relax during the summer had me ready for an afternoon by the pool...with a good read and an even better drink!  For now, I'll settle for the quiet of nap time and a tall glass of iced coffee.

My mom arrives for a visit tomorrow and whenever we get together some sort of project is bound to go down.  At first we had our sights set on finishing the garage, but we've made some progress on the kitchen (a project we started almost a year ago) and I'm feeling the itch to just knock. it. out.  Who knows, maybe we'll do a little of both.  But first things first - off to clean the hall/guest bathroom and make sure she has clean towels!