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7 Quick Takes Friday

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7 Quick Takes Time! Go visit Jen for more!

1.  You know it's a good project week, when I only manage to post once because we're too deep in DIY-ville to find the computer at the end of the day.  We have friends from CA coming to visit this week, so we're making the mad dash to finish our master bedroom by Sunday.  And when I say "finish" I mean be able to move our furniture back in...because, you know, they might be a little confused to walk into a living room with mounds of clothes and a giant bed.

2.  We started by ripping up the carpet and laying down new floors.  Wood laminate flooring that's been sitting in our garage for over 6 months when we first snagged it from Costco.

prepping a room for new flooring

3.  If you're planning to tackle the ugly carpet in your house anytime soon, we shared a few tips for prepping your floors earlier in the week.
Installing laminate wood floors

4.  While we were at it, we figured we should probably update the baseboards, take down that window treatment that came with the house, actually paint the walls and try to make her a little pretty.  I'm super excited to work this guy into the room design, but not as a duvet...

5.  In a great act of compassionate mercy the weather was in the mid 80's this week.  The kids were all befuddled without their 100 degree temps and thought it was too cold to play outside.

The woes of desert dwellers..

6.  We got Mia's class assignment in the mail several days ago and I'm still in denial that I have a first grader and that she will be gone ALL. DAY.  If the boys weren't here to keep me, er...occupied, I would be crying into my coffee around the clock.

7.  Normally I'm a Craigslist junkie when it comes to furniture, but lately I've had absolutely zero luck.  Until yesterday.

I randomly searched for "armoire" thinking we could use one in the living room to help corral our smaller musical instruments, music books, and spare blankets.  Wouldn't you know I stumbled onto this guy:

He needs a little love, but I think he could be a pretty dashing fellow. 

That wraps up our week!  Hope you all have a great weekend!