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7 Quick Takes Friday: The DIY Edition

Deme Crinion1 Comment
It's Friday and time for a recap of the week!  Which is sort of ironic since we are just getting started on a few big things around here.  Read on!

1.  My mom is in town!  Hooray for Yiayia!  When it was time to leave the house to pick up my mom from the airport, Mia emerged from her room looking like this.... 

Who am I to get in the way of a princess greeting her Yiayia as she comes off the plane.

2.  My mom arrived on Tuesday and she did not waste any time in helping me keep the garage overhaul train moving. We made some serious progress on the other half of the garage and are almost completely done purging and reorganizing.   The things still taking up precious floor real estate in there are all materials for projects we hope to finish by the end of summer. 

3.  She also helped us make a few updates to the boys' shared bedroom that are definitely upping the fun factor in there!   Two of these bad boys are new residents in the room, and we have a few different posts coming on the DIY happenings that have occurred.
4.  Earlier this week you may have read that we're getting ready to install new flooring in our master bedroom.  I'm so ridiculously excited, I can't even tell you.  We decided to move out all the furniture last night and "ripping up a corner of the carpet to take a peak underneath" resulted in the carpet and pad all pulled up an hour later.  We're pot committed here!

5. Our sleeping accommodations for the next few days:
When I first started the kitchen redo I remember thinking that I would remove all the upper cabinet doors and surely having the inside of my cabinets on display for all to see would push me to finish painting them quickly.  That was last summer and the doors are still not finished.  It's amazing what you learn to live with.  I'm hoping that having a bed and all our bedroom furniture camped out in the living room will be good motivation to finish this room quickly, but well, did I mention the cabinets? 

6.  Aside from the cleaning, organizing, building and decorating, we've still found plenty of time to play.  The kids have been in the kiddie pool almost every day, and there's been a lot of this...

I'm certain this child spends half of his life sans clothing and half of the pics that would be just dandy to share via Facebook or Instagram don't make the cut because a certain someone is once again pant-less.  The strategic guitar placement in this one spared it from the cutting room floor.

7.  We didn't anticipate taking on so many projects while my mom was here, so it threw off my posting schedule a bit.  The good new is that I now have even more home projects and happenings to catch you up on!

I hope you all have a great weekend and thanks to Jen for letting us play along in her 7 Quick Takes partay!