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Welcome To Our New Bloggin' Home!

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Crack open your address books and jot down our new address!  We're still wielding our amateur DIY wand on the same house, but from now on you can find us sharing our home projects and family life right here at our new blog House For Five!!  Why the switcheroo?  Let's break it down all organized and such...

Why a new blog?

Well, it's not really a new blog.  In fact, it's a merger.  We had one blog (Fresh Coat Of Paint) for our house projects, and another blog (Crinion Clan) for our family updates.  I remember a blogging friend's reaction when she discovered we had two blogs..."Two blogs, Girl?!  I can barely manage one!".  I let out a light-hearted chuckle and maybe tossed my hair.  Of course I can manage two blogs...can't I?  Turns out the answer is no. Not well anyway.

I hoped that playing along with in a few link ups on the family blog would keep me motivated to update it more often, but in reality it was the poor neglected step-blog of the two.  And attempting to plan, post, and manage both blogs was getting overwhelming.  It became the classic scenario of doing everything and doing nothing really well.  

Last month our family was reaching our max in every way....stress, kids' activities, outside commitments, work...and taking care of our home and each other just got pushed to the back burner.  We were in that place where your priorities shift out of place and even though you know it, you can't seem to get them back in order.

Then a very dear family to us tragically lost their 6-year old son and it stopped us in our tracks.  We did a lot of grieving, praying, reflecting, and hugging our kids.  As much as I didn't want to admit it, I had let the blogs take a bigger place in our life than they should.  So, part of stepping back is taking away the stress of managing two.  I already feel some relief from my self imposed blog-crazy and am really excited about sharing more of our family with you! 

Why that name?
Two reasons.  

One, we thought it covered the dual point of view of this blog (our house and our family of five) short and sweet like.  And two, it was available as a .com domain.

Did you know Blogger has this nifty feature where they will purchase a .com or other domain (like .net or .org) for your blog through a third party?  And that you can go from to in like 10 min?  Well, they do and it's just swell.  You pay $10 a year and Blogger purchases the domain.  You can still do all of your posting through Blogger, your "old" blog automatically redirects to the new site for you and you don't lose any information. There's a great step-by-step here.

Our first thought was to just do this for our Fresh Coat of Paint blog.  But when I checked to see if was available, no such luck.  Then I had a flashback to when I first started the blog...I read about checking the domain availability when first choosing a blog name in case you want to purchase it down the line...then blatantly ignored that pearl of wisdom because I really liked my blog name and I might, may be, a little, stubborn.  If you type "fresh coat of paint" into a Google search, our blog will come up, along with a bajillion painting companies.  So, that sealed the deal.  New blog, new name.  Welcome to!

So how will you avoid this becoming a big confused hodge-podge of a blog with no identity?

This blog is still primarily about all those little and big projects we keep tackling around this place to make it work for our family and feel more like home.  Most of my posts will stay in that lane.  I'm just giving myself permission to share more of our family and life here as part of the whole package. 

I'm going to switch some of the posts I used to do on the family blog over to some of our social media sites.  "What I Wore" posts/pics and recipes we'll be popping up on Instagram and Facebook with a few posts here and there on the blog.

Aren't you afraid of losing your readers and no one ever following you again?

Yes!  But, I know it was the right move and I hope it will only make this blog better in the long run!

We also thought about the timing and made the switch before our beloved Google Reader leaves us forever on July 1st.  My hope is that those of you that will need to switch over to a new option to manage your blogs like Bloglovin' or Feedly won't mind taking the extra step to update our new blog address. Will you please?  I would love it if you did and I'm sending big virtual hugs your way!

I also tried to make it as easy as possible for those of you already following via Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You'll see the name of the page/profile and link change, but you shouldn't have to make any changes on your end to keep following us under the new name.

Anything else we should know?

Yes!  Prepare to be hit with some serious sap.....

I can't even begin to tell you how humbled, and blessed, and encouraged, and just blown away we are by each of you.  The fact that you consider it worthwhile to follow along, check in on us from time to time, leave comments, ask us's all just the greatest feeling ever!  You all are THE best and we're excited to get to know you even more!

And that about wraps it up, Friends!  We hope you'll take a few minutes to look around!  We've updated some of the tabs at the top of the menu bar (like the About Us page and Free Printables tab) and some moved over from the old blog.  The Project Gallery has all of the projects we shared on the old blog...clicking on the icons will take you back to the original post on that project.  Maybe one day we'll get all those old posts and comments transferred over here, but for now this will still be one stop shopping as all the old and new links can be found here.  We'll be giving the gallery some better organization over the next few weeks, to include all your "Reader Spot" amazingness! The shop/services tab is something we can't wait to share later this summer!  Nothing like a good teaser to end the post.

You can also use the social media buttons at the top of the page to connect with us or I'll make it easy for you and just link to them here...

Keep up with posts and join the conversation with us on Facebook.

Catch sneak peaks for our house projects, WIW pics and snapshots from our life as a fam of five on Instagram.

And follow our Pinterest boards for pin-spiration in DIY, decor/design, fashion, food, organizing, kid stuff, and sweet tips/tricks.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues with the new site, and a big fat warm WELCOME to our new bloggin' home!!