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Reader Spot: A Pallet Wall For The Bathroom

Deme Crinion3 Comments
I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but one of the very best parts of blogging is the incredible community.  I've "met" so many sweet, funny, talented people that I never would have connected with otherwise.  What's even better is when you realize that some of those people are right next door.  

I've only come across 3-4 other Albuquerque bloggers (Sharon @ Desert Willow Lane, Julia @ It's Always Ruetten, and Mandy @ Mandy Jean Chic.....any other NM blogging peeps out there??) and today I get to highlight one of their projects!  There was no irony lost as I realized that I had pinned this image to one of my Pinterest boards awhile back, and had no idea it was Mandy's handiwork.

Mandy and her Mister whipped up this bathroom update with wood pallets they found on the side of the road. The difference is night and day!

Here's more from Mandy......

Some rooms because of their size or general purpose can be a challenge to add that personal touch to. From the day we purchased our house we have been brainstorming ideas to of how to remove the mass-produced almost hospital feel in the water closet of our master bathroom. Some time back, when out on a 4x4 adventure, we came across some old pallets just thrown out. We decided to pick them up for two reasons. First it is simply not right for people to leave waste just tossed about but secondly, look at the character of this wood!  Who would toss this out?

The hardest part of this project by far was taking the pallets apart without breaking them. Be sure to use your safety equipment, and try to save a few of the old nails to reuse to help the wall look authentic. Gloves and eye protection are a must for this project! 

We painted the water closet before starting the wood project. You may need to do touch ups after your wood is on the wall because you will have some scratches here and there.  Also it is important to paint the wall behind the wood because in this application there will be cracks and gaps that add to the rustic look. We used black to get the look of a space or emptiness behind the wall. No matter the color you go with it is important to use a flat to limit any shine, it should look like an old wood wall not a new shiny wall covered by old wood.  


Using a good adhesive (liquid nails) and a few of the old nails we started at the top and worked our way down. We liked the look of having the boards staggered in no real order. So with a jigsaw we cut some at different lengths. Being sure to pair up matching widths. Very few walls are perfectly square so length measurements were taken for each row as we went - this is important because wall measurements can very from ceiling and floor level.

 Once we reached about half way we changed direction and worked from the bottom up. The reason this was done was because we knew it would be a possibility that we would be cutting a board down the middle to fit the last gap, and by placing this thinner board behind a fixed object like the toilet it helps to blend it in with the surrounding boards.

A few accessories later and their closet of a bathroom looked like a completely different space!

What an amazing project for a small space! Recycling something old gave this room a modern rustic appeal and an otherwise sterile space turned into a real feature. And how perfect is that yellow wreath and updated light fixture?!

Mandy, thank you so much for letting me share your awesome DIY wall!  You can catch all the details on this project over at Mandy's blog!  So, hop over there and get inspired!

*What about you?  Do you have a space of your own with a great "before and after" or one that's helped make your house feel more like home?  How about some great tips or systems that have made your life and home run more smoothly? I would love to feature it (and you!) in a "Reader Spot" edition!  Click on the Submissions page to get the low down.