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Labeled Under-The-Bed Storage Bins

Deme Crinion4 Comments
Way back here I warned you to brace yourselves and shared these pics of my little girl's room:

I tried to identify the problem areas and solutions in our breakdown of the chaos, and spilled the deets on our plan for some room design updates here.  This mood board sums it up...

We are trucking along at a turtle's pace but are making progress one project at a time!  The bookcase and the dresser traded places and the swap made such a difference in the room's function and space!  The bookcase is a much better fit in the closet and having the dresser in the room is giving us another surface to play with accessories and cute storage.

I'll have more of those details soon, but today I'm embarrassingly giddy over some simple storage we added in a very underused spot.

When we first did an overhaul of Mia's room, we added a long shallow tub under her bed to store out-of-season clothes or clothes in the next size up.  We love this system so much that we have one for each person in our house.  But we only access those bins about twice a year when we swap out clothes for the warm/cold seasons.  There was still a lot of usable space left under Mia's bed and we knew it was the perfect spot to store some of those little toys that get lost all over her room.

I loved the bins that The Centsational Girl used in her daughter's bedroom, and found these online through One Step Ahead.  I love that they have a zippered lid to keep dust out and small pieces in.
zipper lid under the bed storage for toys

We printed up some quick labels and were one step closer to organized bliss.
under the bed storage labels

In our last room attempt I thought keeping all of these doll pieces in plastic tubs on the top shelf of her closet was the answer.  She would have to ask me to get them down and need to put them all back before having me put them up and away.  It was nice in theory but they usually ended up on the floor taking up space and it didn't foster much independence when it came to keeping her room clean since she needed my help to complete the job.  And when they were away on the shelf, she didn't play with them as often since she couldn't get to them.  
organize kids toys under the bed

Now she's able to easily access her toys, easily put them away, and hopefully not lose as many of those teeny-tiny parts that tend to come along with all these girly goodies.

I know that girl's toys are not the only tiny-accessory offenders.  How do you keep all those little toys organized and together?   What ways have you used the space under the bed for storage?  Any other tips for taking advantage of unused space in a room?