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Boys' Room Update & Accessorizing A Striped Wall

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The very first post I wrote on our old blog was about the plans for our boys' shared bedroom, so I thought it fitting that the first house post on our new blog cover a recent update to that manly little space.  And why not throw in some tips for accessorizing with a striped wall while we're at it (read: learn from my mistakes).

accessorizing a striped wall

Awhile back we brought in this dresser to help wrangle the boys' t-shirts, pants, socks, etc.  
And that empty space above it has been begging for something ever since.  We have an old school sports/rugby vibe going on in their room and I think the two white racing stripes that wrap the space have kept me from actually putting nails in the walls.

Hitting the clearance jackpot at Home Goods jarred me out of my accessorizing funk.  My mom and I stumbled on this map of the US and I knew it was the perfect piece for that empty void above the dresser!  It had all the colors we were working into the room design, it was a cool take on the states, and it was not specifically sports related.  I wanted to make sure we didn't box ourselves into a narrow theme.  But I figured we could always call it a learning tool for the boys to learn their team geography.  Important stuff.

Now that we had the right piece, it was time to get it up on the wall.  So, let's talk stripes for a second....

Stripes are a big feature in a room, especially if they're high contrast (like navy and white), so you can't ignore them.  You do need to consider how your accessories will look in relationship to the stripes.  For example, the only other accessories we actually have on the walls right now are the boys red initials above their respective beds.  We chose to place them in the center of the top white stripe.
Initials over the bed
The height worked well with the bed, and the stripe almost acted like a frame for the letters, which were on the small side.

On the other hand, when accessorizing a striped wall, you don't want to ignore the basic rules of design either.  In general, when hanging art you should aim for the center of the picture to be at eye level (typically between 60-65 inches up from the ground).  If you're working with a gallery or collection of frames, treat the entire gallery as one large object with the center of the gallery at eye level.

So, we gave that a try.  Standing eye level and centered over the top white stripe.  But....

 This was a little too high, and the picture felt removed from the other accessories on the dresser.

So, we tried moving it down a few inches so that the top was flush with the stripe.  

The height was better but still a little high, and the fact that it was completely even with the stripes felt odd.

At this point Jack discovered what I was doing and made it his mission in life to return Captain America to his rightful place in the basket with the rest of the toys.   Clearly we need to drive home the importance of staging the shot.

On our last attempt we followed another basic design guideline of hanging frames 6-12 inches above a piece of furniture like a sofa table, couch, etc.  We placed the bottom edge of the frame about 9 inches above the dresser and were finally in business!
accessorizing a striped wall

At this height the frame felt like part of a whole grouping with the other accessories on the dresser.
accessorizing a striped wall

accessorizing a striped wall

accessorizing a striped wall

And yes.  Captain America returned to the toy bin after I put the camera away. Win for Jack, and an excuse to play with different accessories for me.

When it comes to design you can follow the rules to the letter or completely throw them out the window.  Whatever looks good to your eye in your space is most important.  For our striped walls, sticking to some foundational guidelines regardless of the placement of the stripes worked best.  And we're a little less intimidated to tackle the rest of those walls!

Here's a peak at how the to-do list is looking now:

-Update window treatments
-Upgrade from crib to twin bed
-Paint the beds
-Initials above beds
-Organize closet
-Get long dresser
-Book storage/reading nook (I have some Ikea shelves that are painted and just waiting to be hung)
-Bookcase for between beds (something wider than the current nightstand and that can help with toy storage)
-Photo gallery
-Pennant art
-Art for above dresser
-Toy storage

Has anyone else conquered accessories with a striped wall?  How do you approach a room clad in stripes?  I'm off to patch some holes...

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