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7 Quick Takes Friday

Deme CrinionComment
It's Friday!  And thanks to Jen, were linking up for another 7 Quick Takes.

1.  Remember that handy and detailed and oh-so-awesome-mom daily summer routine I put out a couple of weeks ago.  Yeah, about that...

This week was a full fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants week.  The kids have been going to bed late and actually sleeping in late too. For my normal 6:00am risers, this is craziness I tell you.  I'm really not sure what to do with myself.  I've been sleeping in right along with them but have been going to bed way too late.  Maybe it's time to regain a little structure to our summer days.  Maybe.

2.  If you missed the garage posts here and here from earlier this week, can I just say that I feel like a free woman.  I never knew being able to park a car in the garage again would be so liberating.  And apparently it's been a pretty long stint because the kids were in awe of the "big car" in the garage and "how did you get it in here??" and "why is the car in the GARAGE?". 

We still have plenty of work to do in there, but I think we're all a little excited about the NM inferno no longer greeting us when we hop in for a drive.

3.  I'll be posting an update soon on our family's transition over to The Perfect Health Diet, but one thing I've been missing is baked goods.  So, after a few less than successful attempts we finally came up with a pretty darn tasty muffin.  And it's chocolate.  Nuff said.  Recipe here.

4.  Way back when, I was debating whether or not to color my hair.  I used to be a highlight addict but haven't colored my hair in 6 years.  I didn't want anything high maintenance and since my love for ombre knows no bounds, I was considering a subtle treatment for the do'.  Did I tell you I did it?  If you follow on Instagram (@ houseforfive) then you already saw these pics...



Curly Fro...

The effect is subtle and after a couple weeks I can finally say I really do like it.  I owe you some better pics though.

5.  In less superficial news, sometimes when you're finding it hard to be hopeful, humanity goes and proves that goodness and generosity and the kind of self-sacrificing love for one's neighbor (even one they have only met through the internet) is still well and strong.  Dwija is expecting her sixth baby and has a rare condition called preterm premature rupture of the membranes, which cause her amniotic fluid to leak out to empty every 24 hours.  It replenishes and then leaks out.  A scenario they were told, babies can't survive and were led to believe they would probably miscarry within the next 48 hours.  It's been a few weeks and miraculously baby its still growing and healthy and proving statistics wrong.  But their family has big needs and so many have rallied to help in a big way. Go check it out.

6.  I have so loved having our two blogs combined in this new blog home.  Thank you so much for coming along with us!  We're feeling the need to spread some love back to you, so stayed tuned for a fun summer giveaway next week!

7.  Girl's Night Out later today!  Always fun pulling up for drinks in a minivan :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!