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7 Quick Takes Friday

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One of the link-ups I used to do on our family blog was Jen's...

Just 7 short notes from your week about whatever you want.  Short and sweet and no pressure - my cup of tea.  And without this linkup I may have never gotten around to actually updating anyone on our oh-so-fascinating life.  So, I thought I would make this a Friday regular around here too.  Here we go!

1. Remember in our Welcome To The New Blog! post where I said, "maybe one day we'll move over all those posts and comments from the old blog" and decided that for now we would just round up all our projects in a gallery page?  Yeah, turns out it's not that hard.

I've read horror stories (because blogging is serious business, and any kinks should of course be filed under the "horror" category), about bloggers making the move to a new hose and having the worst time getting all that info moved over to their new site.  Well, since we purchased our domain through Blogger and still use that platform to maintain the site, no love lost here!  In fact, it was a simple fix under "Settings - other" that took all of 2 min.  I "exported" the old blog, saved it to my hard drive.  Then "imported" it into House For Five.  All my old content, now here at the new bloggy home.  Yay!

What's not yay?  Those of you that use a reader to follow along.  You probably got hit with about 50 new unread posts. Which I didn't think about at the time.  My apologies.

2. I also used to do some What I Wore posts on the family blog and found a few on my phone that I never shared.  Cue photo dump...

Visiting CA and therefore Ikea.  Totally rates a selfie in the mirror to capture the excitement without disrupting anyones, ehem, business.

On same CA trip.  I did not realize the weather was going to resemble the same fiery furnace of our beloved desert.  I grabbed the only sleeveless top I brought, a black maxi skirt, and did what any self respecting girl would do. I ran to Target and bought a belt.  On clearance for 5 bucks.  

Back when summer couldn't make up it's ever loving mind about sticking around.

As evidence by the complete lack of anything that resembles a tan on my legs but my sheer determination to wear a skirt to church.

3.  Speaking of tan and legs.  I try to avoid charring myself whenever possible, but I'm a rare species.  Greek (from my mother) but without her olive skin.  Instead, I have my dad's shade of Irish pale, that does not really do tan.  And since no one's out looking for skin cancer, this is my BFF throughout the summer.

Except she was a stinky BFF until this new and improved version came out.  It boasts that the terrible odor is no more, and they ain't lyin!  I just tried it this week and the scent is surprisingly nice.  

4.  Summer around here also means summer football.  This is James' 4th year coaching and you would think that by now I would remember how much this part kicks my rear.  Maybe it's like swear you'll never be able do that again, and then time erases all those miserable memories and you find yourself tagging in for another round.

Practice is only 4 days a week (on top of his regular job) but on those days he usually doesn't get home until 8pm. They are just long days, that obviously bring out the self pity in me.  The first week threw us off our summer groove and that handy little summer routine we came up with is going to need some tweaking. And I'm stopping now because I know my little sob story is nothing compared to what some of you superhero moms and dads have to do each day.  

5. Since the mister has long work days, it helps if we keep busy with projects around the house...otherwise Boo-Hoo Betty comes out (the one in #4) or I end up spending money unnecessarily by keeping us busy out and about (i.e. a daily trip to Target for Starbucks treats and to just "look around"......).

This month we're determined to actually park a car in the garage.  Because it's New Mexico friends, and getting into your parked car in the summer time is not even close to fun.  So today, we dove into this...

This is what happens when you move 5 times in 4 years.  You never fully unpack and have no idea what's in half your boxes.  It may actually be winter by the time we finish plowing through it all, but I figure by then we'll want the car in the garage to avoid the frost/snow.  Right?

6.  We've been transitioning our family over to the Perfect Health Diet (very close to Paleo) and one of the things I do occasionally miss on this no-grains, no-legumes, no-sugar diet is baked goods.  A muffin for breakfast or a sweet treat for a snack. 

There are a lot of substitute flours out there but I'm sort of high-maintenance when it comes to textures and most of the recipes I've tried with them so far, I would put into the "acquired taste" category.  Determined to make a good cookie for myself the kids, and two epic fails later, we finally figured out a pretty good recipe for chocolate banana muffins.  Recipe coming next week!

7.  I've been in a bit of a design rut when it comes to our own house lately.  I want to create better flow, especially in our main living areas, but have been stuck on color.  I spotted this pitcher on sale at Anthro and it was like the light turned on.

It had all the colors I've been drawn to lately and the ones we've already started working into our spaces.  It feels so good to have finally found the right inspiration piece to pull them all together and have a clear vision for our home again!  And one that suits who we are right now.

And that's seven!  Hop on over to Jen's for more and I hope you all have a great weekend! Has anyone else found a tried and true paleo dessert?  Anyone else able to make decisions about everything else but their own home? Tell me I'm not the only one!