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This Old House and A New Series

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Good Morning! It's Wednesday but does anyone else feel like it should be Friday? Maybe finishing this cup of coffee with do the trick...

Anyhow! Yesterday was my birthday and I got an email from the folks over at This Old House magazine letting me know that our nook was featured on their webpage as part of their "Before & Afters"!!   What an awesome b-day surprise!  But it didn't quite top the mini pinata the kids got for me, "because the best birthday parties have pinatas" according to Mia Grace.  I think she might be right.

Today I'm starting a new series called Confessions Of An Imperfect Life over on our family blog.  And we're kicking things of with one of my greatest and the scale.

Here's a peak....

"See, the thing about writing a blog is that I'm the one writing the words.  I can leave out any unpleasant details and paint any picture I want.  I can also leave out any unflattering pictures of myself, so you only see my good hair days and non-pajama ensams.

So, to keep this blog from becoming some surreal documentary from the likes of Pleasantville, I wanted to do a series that would force encourage me to be a little more open about our dysfunctional moments around here....and the dysfunctional places in my heart as a woman. Cuz I'm not a man, so I'll leave that stuff to the menfolk.

Now, don't go thinking I'm going to start posting pics of myself right after I fall out of bed.  That would just be you.  And I like you, so we won't go there.  But, that very you see me and how I see myself, is probably a good place to start. 

I could lie through my teeth and tell you that I'm totally content with the way I am.  But I can give you a detailed list of all the things I hate about my body and the features I wish were different.  I think most women can.  It's a self-critical voice in my head that I constantly have to give the beat-down, and usually I come out of those bouts with at least one black eye.  It's something that has gone to a whole other level after having kids...."

*Feel free to hop over to Crinion Clan if you would like to catch the whole post. I'll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled DIY business.  Have a great day!