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Slowing Down For Summer

Deme Crinion13 Comments
I apologize for the silence here on the blog this week.  Thanks to each and every one of you that offered your prayers and kind words on behalf of our dear friend's 6-year old son Grant (I was also Grant's nanny when he was a baby). 

He passed away peacefully and without pain last Friday and fortunately, I was able to make the wake and funeral Mass on the east coast earlier this week (thanks to an amazing husband who was willing to man the fort alone through last day of school programs and end of the year teacher's gifts).   It was devastating and beautiful all at the same time...and also rocked us to the core.  It left us reevaluating how we've allowed our priorities to shuffle out of place. 

I've spoke openly about how much time and commitment the blog takes (and I'm not even a big blog!).  I've had dreams about growing it and expanding but I know that will require even more.  To be quite frank, my family pays the price.  Our time together gets cut short and I'm not fully present when I'm with them because I'm either trying to double task or my mind is constantly on the next post/project, site enhancements, blah, blah. 

In a totally random email, a local woman contacted me for some color help in painting the exterior of her home.  It's been a wonderful experience and working with local clients is something I would love to do.  It certainly got me even more excited about some of the things I had planned for the blog this summer.

Then Grant's accident happened and time stood still.  It's amazing how one event can move other people in so many different ways.  Grant's tragic death was a wake up call for the time with my children that I've been giving away.  They will not always be this young, they will not always be home with me, and they will not always be here.  But they are right now and we want to make the most of this time together. 

The school year is such a busy time and even before Grant's accident I had been yearning for the slower pace of summer.  The kids and I sat down and put together our list of fun summer activities we wanted to do.  I'll share that in a post next week, but one thing is certain - we plan to make a lot of great memories this summer and simply enjoy being together. 

That means things will slow down around here.  My family is my priority and while I love to share them and our projects, I'm not willing to accept the cost of diving into seriously growing the blog this summer.  I still have plenty of projects on the agenda but those will take the back burner to trips to the zoo and afternoons on the slip n slide.  I'll definitely be sharing our house progress as I go along, but not at a pace of 5 days a week.

At first the can't-do-anything-half-way-over-achiever in me said, "No! You need to post regular and often or else all your readers will leave forever!".  But that voice is from a place of fear...fear of letting go.  And I really need to.  After all, it's just a blog right?  :)  On the other hand, I'm too much of an OCD list maker/organizer to just post willy-nilly, so I'm sure I'll fall into a regular, scaled back posting routine for the summer.  If you all are interested, I may share some posts on the changes we are making to our schedules and the way we spend time together too.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers over this past week.  I shared more of Grant's story on our family blog today if you are interested.   I hope you all get to enjoy a long weekend with those you love and we are thankful for all those who have paid the ultimate price for our country's freedoms and for those that continue to serve our nation.