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Reader Spot: A Shared Room For A Brother & Sister

Deme Crinion3 Comments
Today, you're in for a treat!  Gilit from Shoes Off, Please. was sweet enough to send us her shared kids' room.  And unlike most shared kids spaces, this one is fit for a princess and a prince.

I asked Gilit a few questions to get the down low on this utterly charming space....

What was the space like before you began?

The room is really big so it was like a giant blank white rectangle. It calls to mind some museums, but with less light...

What were some of the things that inspired the colors or other choices in the design?

I looove blue so we knew we were going to paint the walls some shade of blue. We also knew we didn't want a baby blue. After that, we were stumped. We went back and forth so much on the shade of blue, whether we wanted to do stripes or one shade on top and another on bottom... this literally took us over a year to decide! We finally chose this deeper blue because we liked that it's more sophisticated and Aiden could grow with it.

Other than that, it really evolved over time based on Aiden's growing needs (read: ever expanding collection of books and toys) We wanted to include personal touches, like his art, photos, meaningful gifts and then when Mia came along we added some pink and more white. I can't wait until we can include her art too!

What were any problem areas and how did you address them?

Hmm...thankfully, we didn't really have a problem area. Unless you count making a boy's room into a shared room... in that case we just added new crib bedding and some new art on the wall! 
Also making the furniture layout work with the shape of the room was sort of a "problem" we just kept playing with it (and playing with it) until we found one we liked!

How did you get your resourceful/thrifty/think outside the box/DIY on?

Oh how I wanted to more of that! We did a lot of waiting for sales (like the huge Serena and Lily ones where we got the bedding) and searching online for deals (like the Overstock 8x10 rug for $100). We tried to think a little outside the box by looking at PB Teen where we found the bed and trundle (also on sale). Other than that, we stuck to Etsy, Ikea, and we were so lucky to have generous family that got us the crib, glider, and armoire. I made the cloud mobile over the changer, the A-I-D-E-N train, and the yarn-wrapped "M" but if we were doing it over I'm sure there'd be a lot more!

What makes the space special and unique?

I didn't find much inspiration online for rooms shared by a boy and girl, let alone with an infant and a toddler. Most of the ones I did find were white or very neutral, which can be really beautiful but it wasn't what we wanted for our kids. We love color and I have yet to meet a kid who doesn't love it also! I love that ours doesn't feel too masculine or feminine to me and I don't feel like we sacrificed personality either.

How did you make this space work to fit your family's needs?

We left room in the middle for big messes! That and finding storage in the closet, under the crib, and in the furniture really make it fun and functional for us.

Thank you Deme so much for having me!!! 

Thank you, Gilit!!  Pretty fantastic, right?!  I'm in love with the deep saturated blue they chose for the walls, and how well they were able to create a gender neutral space without losing any character.  The pops of color throughout the room make it such a happy space and I can see it being a room that will grow right along with Aiden and his little sis.  What was your favorite part?

Be sure to hop over to Gilit's blog for all the details on this project and so much more!  Like this Anthro inspired tablecloth she rocked out for a Pinterest challenge.  Thanks, Gilit for sharing this incredible space with us!

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