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Our Summer Schedule

Deme CrinionComment
I'm typing this post from the deck of my parent's mountain cabin.  This place has always been a summer retreat and it's exactly the kind of thing I'm longing for this summer - lots of time outdoors, fresh air, away from the daily to-do's, making great memories with our family and friends.

Before we left for CA, the kids and I had a little summer planning pow-pow.  We sat down with a blank piece of paper and wrote down all the things we wanted to do this summer. 

Here are their ideas...
-take a dance class
-slip n slide
-spray park
-swim lessons
-hike along the river
-play dates
-make our own ice cream
-water balloons
-grow a watermelon

Aside from growing a watermelon, I think we can make all that happen.  And I added a few of my own to the list (on top of a few house projects)...

-start an herb garden
-be regulars at the Farmer's Market
-make some art for our blank walls

We already registered the kids for swim lessons last month, and before we left for our trip, I signed them each up for a dance class.  Mia's in a 5-6 yr old Fairy Tale Ballet class; Sully's going to bust a move in Comic Hero Hip Hop for 3-4 year old boys (holy moly, I may die!); Mack Daddy Jack will be in a 2 year old Dance is Fun class, likely with a bunch of other little ladies. 

As soon as we get back to ABQ the kids will be in swim lessons 5 days a week for two weeks.  If you have little ones that are afraid of getting in the water, I think these 4-5 day/week classes are best, as opposed to one class per week.  Otherwise, you have a whole week in between the pool (if you aren't able to get them in the pool on your own), and are almost starting from square one each class when it comes to becoming comfortable in the water. 

After those two weeks, we'll slip into a more regular weekly routine for the summer.  We decided to choose one day a week for our field trip/special activity day.  So, every Wednesday we'll pick an activity from our summer list and have some extra fun!  Then they'll have dance on Friday mornings for most of the summer, leaving Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for a regular daily routine, and the weekends open for the Farmers Market, picnics with friends and whatever other lazy or not-so-lazy things we want to tackle. 

I'll be sharing our regular daily routine for the summer next!  What do your summers look like?  Do you have a schedule or fly by the seat of your pants?  For those of you that work through the summer, how do you schedule in time for fun?