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DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

Deme Crinion6 Comments
We've had a wiggly tooth in this house for several weeks.  And last night, with help of a very patient dad and a very brave little girl, it finally came out!  This was Mia's first lost tooth and you can be sure there was a whole lot of celebrating when that tooth finally popped out!  "I lost my tooth" dances, lots of squeeling/jumping, and of course, talk of the Tooth Fairy.  It's a good thing I had whipped up this little Tooth Fairy pillow back when we thought that tooth might come out a couple weeks ago.

Tooth Fairy Pillow by Fresh Coat Of Paint

It was a totally free little project using scraps of fabric and ribbon.  Here's what I used.

- 1 scrap of fabric, cut into two equal squares (whatever size pillow you desire)
- 1 piece of felt
- 1 piece of ribbon

I did this at night and didn't take the best pics with my phone, but I'll try to walk you through the easy steps.

The first thing I did after cutting out my two square pieces of fabric, was to cut out the tooth.  I did a practice sketch of a tooth on a piece of paper...then I showed it to my friend sitting next to me and asked her what it was.   When she said, "tooth", and not "white cloud" I felt ok to move to the felt.  I free handed a tooth on the white felt and cut it out.

Then, I stitched it right onto the center of one of the fabric squares, being sure to leave the top open/unstitched so that you can easily slide in a tooth or note to the tooth fairy.

 Next, I cut a piece of ribbon to size and stitched it down on the inside of one of the squares.  I left myself enough room to fold over the unfinished top edge when I closed it up...but it probably would have been easier to just fold over that top edge and stitch it down before adding the ribbon.

Next, step was to place the two right sides together and sew the pieces together along three edges, leaving the top open.
 In this picture I also trimmed the excess edges after I had stitched the pieces together.  I especially like to trim the extra fabric on the corners, so that when I flip it right-side-out the corners are nice and sharp.

I flipped it right-side-out and stuffed it almost full with some poly-fil.  I filled up to about 1-inch shy of the top.

I couldn't get a picture of this last part because I need both my hand to hold it closed, but I folded the top edges in about 1/2 inch and then sewed them shut with my sewing machine (or you could do it by hand).

I forgot that Mia's bed didn't have an open post to hang the pillow on, so I cut the ribbon loop at the center so that we could tie it to her bed frame.

Someone was super excited and couldn't wait for the Tooth Fairy to come! 
At the last minute she decided to write the Tooth Fairy a note asking if she could keep her tooth.  The Tooth Fairy left her a note back along with a monetary prize.....after she ran to the ATM at 9:30pm because she had no cash on hand.

By the way, what are the going rates for teeth these days??  The two kids that have lost teeth in Mia's class both got $5.00 for their teeth!  This Tooth Fairy is not quite that loaded.  But we did leave her $5.00 for this first tooth (especially since it was a bit of a struggle to get it out), and think we'll be doing $1.00 coins for the rest of her teeth.  Am I a cheap-skate Tooth Fairy?!  Teach me your Tooth Fairy ways, oh wise ones!