House For Six

A Request

Deme Crinion11 Comments
I'm going to hold off on my post for today and ask instead for your prayers. The 6 year old little boy on that stretcher is Grant.  I was his nanny when he was a baby and his parents are Sully and Jack's Godparents. 

Grant and some other children were playing in a field on a farm while the family was on vacation.  A nearby horse got spooked and kicked Grant in the throat.  They've assessed that his trachea was broken and he is in critical condition.  He was without oxygen for a significant amount of time and although they were able to revive a heartbeat, brain function is unknown.  If you would keep this sweet boy, his other 5 siblings and his dear parents in your thoughts and prayers we would greatly appreciate it. Their faith is strong, hope secure, but hearts very fragile.  

I'll be sharing any updates on our family's Facebook page.