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When A Space Just Isn't Working

Deme Crinion7 Comments
For anyone feeling like they just can't seem to get a handle on their home or life in general, this is for you.

My daughter's inspiring room....

Beyond crazy.  I know.  I do have to say that this is the state of her room after attempting to unpack from our trip to TX a week ago (I took these pics this morning), while simultaneously swapping out cold/warm weather clothes and bringing out clothes in the next size up.

I don't know how many times I've said, "Mia, we have to get your room cleaned up and under control".  But the room is much too overwhelming for her, and quite frankly, overwhelming for me too.  Which is why it's stayed like this for a week (and only slightly better for weeks before that).

The sad part is that if you asked me what rooms in the house were done, the only rooms I could tout as close to complete are the man cave and this one.  Yikes.

We even did a total overhaul of her room just 8 months ago, complete with a room reveal post.  And these pics are almost as bad as the before shots from back then.  We know that some things are working in here, but some things definitely are NOT.

I can't avoid this room any longer, or it may just eat us alive.  Once I allowed myself to start really thinking about how to improve things, the wheels were turning and I got excited about taking a second stab at her room.  Both functionally and with a few design tweaks.  A mood board is a comin'!

So who else has a room they just pretend doesn't exist because it's too much to think about?  Did you finally tackle it?  Did you live to tell about it?  I suppose if you didn't, we won't be hearing from you ;)