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Switching Up The Paint

Deme Crinion5 Comments
This week was insanely busy for us and my blog schedule completely went out the window.  So that's why it's been such a random blog week around here.  The good news is that I have all those project posts waiting in the wings for next week.  You know, if I can get my act together. ;)

For today, I'm sharing our living space conundrum.  When you stand in the hallway leading to the bedrooms, this is what you see...
 It's really easy for me to crop out all the unfinished areas when I show you a project in my home.  All the crazy can distract from the finished product but let's not forget that I live in a home that is very much a work in progress.  Hello that ugly unfinished entry!

We also used to live in a home with a completely open floor plan.  The living room, dining space and kitchen were all one huge great room. I actually like the division between rooms in this house but you can still see most of the other living space rooms from each other.  Which means that paint plays a huge role in establishing a cohesive feel.

Between the different paint colors and five different types of flooring it all feels a bit wacky right now.  We plan to carry the flooring in the living room throughout the dining room, entry, hallway, and a couple of bedrooms.  Now lets chat paint....
When we moved into this house I was an enormous 8 months pregnant with Jack.  Unpacking boxes was like an Olympic event for me, so taking on house updates would have to wait.  Torture for a pregnant nesting mom.

My parents came out from CA to be with Mia and Sully while we were in the hospital and to spend Christmas with us (my due date was Christmas day).  I had a few paint samples on the living room wall and we chatted about good paint colors for the room just days before I went into labor.  When we came home with our bundle O' Jack we walked into a totally painted living room, with things hanging on the wall.  My parents had been busy with paint brushes and mounting art work while we were in the hospital and I can not tell you how amazing it was to walk in the door to our new home, with new baby in arms, and to see a painted room that felt unpacked and like a real home.  We're forever grateful!

Since that was the first room we painted, we did the dining room next and went for high contrast.  The deep chocolate brown worked well with our living room color but when it came time to address the kitchen, I was leaning heavily toward greys.  After having a truly blank slate to work with in the house, I've had the opportunity to think about what I really want/like.  Every other place we've had to work with what was already there.  I've come to realize that I really do love color.  I also love a fresh bright space and crisp white.  I'll share more about my tastes and James' opposing tastes (and how we work them out!) in another post.  But for now, I like the way that color plays off a neutral space best.

We're happy with what we're doing in the kitchen, so we want the living room and dining room to read better with the greys in the kitchen.  We love the paint color in the laundry room (the lightest color on the left of the paint chip).  It's a very light grey with brown undertones.  Exactly what we want for the other rooms.  So there she sits on the wall.  I just need to decide how light/dark we're going to go in which rooms.  Don't mind the coffee stain in the middle....

Does it take anyone else a few tries to get their rooms painted right?  I hope you are all more decisive than me!  Have a great weekend!